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Dental plans for seniors?

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Are there low cost/good value dental plans available for seniors? My in-laws (80yo and pretty much broke) are planning to spend thousands on dental work (paritial bridge, a couple other things) and make payments or put the bills on credit cards because it's not covered by medicare and they say to get a private plan would cost them $300 per month. A brief search online brought up several low-cost plans for seniors, but I'm wondering if they are really a decent value.

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My mom has Humana Advantage which is a Medicare Advantage plan. She pays an extra $20 a month for dental insurance, but i don't know how much it covers. At least that is how she described it to me. She also told me you can only change to Medicare Advantage once a year and she thinks the date has just passed.


She said it would depend on the cost as to whether or not to pay the $300 insurance. The work would obviously have to save them over $3600 in order for the insurance to have been worth it.

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