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Ramblings on preserving mental energy, productivity books that actually work, etc...

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I enjoy reading various books and blogs about how to be more productive, but let's face it, many of them are written by men who are generally single and always childless. What is out there that applies to moms stuck with young children all day? I don't need a book on making a schedule because children always make everything take three times as long as it should. A book focused on improving one's career is of little help to a mom who gets interrupted every 5-10 minutes all day long!


DH took the kids out Saturday for about five hours and it was great! I was actually able to work on my book. (I have the time after they go to bed, but by then my mental energy has been used up for the day.)


The constant interruptions (hungry, whining, fighting, arguing, needing help in the bathroom, wanting me to play, wanting me to read, etc) in my day as I'm trying to cook, clean, or do school drain both my physical and mental energy. I'm already seeing a doctor for medical issues related to physical fatigue, but how can a mom of young kids preserve her mental energy? My oldest is prone to being over-dramatic and uses up a lot of my mental reserves.


Does this get better as kids get older? Is it a personality thing?


Sorry if this was too rambley and doesn't make sense.

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