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Easy/Comfy/Fun Party Games for an all-woman get-together?

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I'm having a bunch of female friends over this Saturday night for a pre-holiday get-together. It's an Appies and Desserts party and the theme is pampering ourselves/taking it easy before the holiday craziness starts. Most of the women know each other well, but some don't.


I have one very basic "get-to-know-each-other" type game where everyone writes down one little known fact about themselves and the rest of us try to guess who it is.


I'd love to have a couple of other easy ideas to make sure conversation rolls along nicely. Does anyone have any ideas? Not too difficult and not requiring much motion - my living room is small.



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At a ladies group once we played a game. You were supposed to write a "For Sale" classified describing an antique without mentioning its name.


For this game everyone is given a piece of paper that has For Sale _________ at the top of it. Then ask each guest to think of something old they own that they would like to sell.


Examples: A toaster, a table, microwave oven, old clothes, etc. Once they have come up with an item to sell they must write a classified advertisement for whatever they are selling.


For Sale Washing Machine

For sale used washer machine for washing clothes, machine has various setting from hot to cold and works really hard to get clothes clean.


Now once they are done tell them to replace the mention of the item in the ad and replace it with their husbnad's name and read their advertisement out loud.


So the ad would read:

For Sale John Smith

For sale used John Smith for washing clothes, John has various setting from hot to cold and works really hard to get clothes clean.

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