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Positive skin test for TB....thoughts?

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Hi Everyone,


First post on the new board. :)


My dd is in the process of getting approved to volunteer at our local Children's Hospital. Among the items for medical clearance, she has to have two negative TB tests.


Her first one went fine. Totally negative. She had her second one when she had the first one read. The second one came back positive so we went for a chest x-ray. Her x-ray had some non-specific findings which do not appear to have anything to do with TB.


She had a third skin test yesterday which will be read tomorrow. The dr. suspected that she might be allergic to a component in the test that led to the positive.


There are a couple of people we have regular contact with who are now concerned about contracting TB. Dd shows absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. I also feel sure that if there was some risk of someone getting it from her she would have told us to stay away from anyone. These people are looking to me for reassurance.


I have an e-mail into our dr. and will try to get some answers when we go back to have it read tomorrow but wanted to ask here, too.


Incidentally, I had a positive skin test about 15 years ago with a clear chest x-ray. I took a 6 months course of medicine to treat it.


Anyone have any thoughts for me?



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My father has had positive skin TB tests for over 30 years and has neither ever shown symptoms nor infected anyone. The doctors once said that it was due to exposure at some point.


My daughter had a tb test in 2010 and had an actual allergic reaction to some ingredient in the thing, making it almost look like a positive test.


I would think that if there were any risk of your daughter infecting others with TB that the doctor would tell her, as it is so highly infectuous. As for those people who are worrying, I would tell them that it is likely an allergic reaction. If they are rude and push the issue, I would tell them to feel free to stay away from her for as long as they like ;)



eta: she had the reaction to the little bubble-under-the-skin test, not the prong test, which I didn't think they used anymore because it was so crappy

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If she has ever been exposed, she will test positive. Dh has to have the x-ray done anytime he has to pass a tb test, because he was exposed at some point in time. It's nothing to worry about. I'm wondering if doing the second test that close to the first one had something to do w/ it.

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