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Dear Sweet Child o' Mine

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Also, when we tell you to put your swimsuit on, we did mean that you should take your underwear off first.


That's happened several times here. "Oh, I forgot."


That happened here too. Even better, when getting dressed after swimming do not put soaked underwear on under your dry clothes.

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I, too, am blessed with a literal child. He is just dang brilliant but lacking in common sense.



Yeah, the undie incident was from my 'gifted' child. And she was *so offended* that I was making her correct the underwear situation. She huffed and puffed all the way down the hall to her bedroom. When I told DH he laughed/groaned and said he thought the creative underwear solutions were limited to little boys. Um... apparently not. Of course, this is coming from the guy who, when he was DD's age, decided that it would be more efficent to wear one week of undies at a time and just peel off the outer layer each morning. (ewww) I don't think he'd totally thought that one through.


Later last night (post-undie incident) DD filled a cereal bowl with water and lapped it up like a kitten... just because. :) That was actually pretty funny. I just wish I could figure out where she comes up with this stuff!

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Ha! Sounds familiar.


I cannot count the number of times I have discovered at bathtime at the end of the day that my six-year-old DS never put any underwear on while dressing in the morning. His response? "I'm going commando, mama. I didn't want to waste my time putting on underwear." Another day in paradise indeed.

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