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handmade or low cost Christmas gifts for boys 10-13?


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Hit the used book store and find the catapults books, the old American Boy Books, maybe some old popular mechanics. Then, get popsicles, paperclips, spoons, projectiles like marshmallows (they will find acorns), rubber bands, milkcaps. Sew up a little bag with it out of an old pair of jeans--just cut off the bottom of the leg, make a drawstring and tuck all of stuff in there.


My I Hate Everything kid spent DAYS building every catapult in the book.

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I admit it is a tough age...maybe some kind of shirt he normally can't get ( with a slogan or favorite character)... Beef jerky pleases my oldest as a stocking stuffer..Mad Libs are on sale in our local bookstore closer to Christmas too.


Electronics are booming....but we are not able or willing to get any of that this year. It's tough to see so many children with every gadget and the most expensive clothing, accessories, and piercings.


I have to say no all of the time...


I hope you find something that works :) And May God bless you.

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Rope is always a hit. Maybe try craigslist and tell folks you will come pick up any scrap wood or other building supplies. My boys would just love a huge pile to junk to make stuff with.


Oh another craigslist idea - ask for broken appliances - I have one kid who will be thrilled with a box of broken stuff that he could take apart.

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That is the same age my oldest son got into yo-yo tricks. Here's a video that shows the kind of tricks you can do yo-yoing. It really is a great little hobby as my boys can stand for hours working on tricks and take their yo-yo everywhere with them.



There are ALL sorts of yo-yos from $5-$200+. If you're looking for the best cheap ($10) starter yo-yo this is a good little starter. It's called the ONE.

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/368/YYF-ONE It comes with two different bearings that work for beginners and intermediates and even some advanced tricks.


If you are looking to spend more like $20 you can get either the starter package for the ONE yo-yo:



Or get this yo-yo, the Velocity ($20)


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