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Vegetarian recipe help please

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I am doing one acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, chick peas, pine nuts etc for my vegetarian nephew.


The recipes calls for cleaning out the squash, baking it, stuffing it, baking again.


Do you think I could clean and bake the squash the day before, then stuff and rebake it on Thursday, or will the squash shell fall apart?

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I'm no expert, but my gut says to underbake the squash just a tad if you want to do it that way. Even if it falls apart, I'll bet your nephew won't mind, but will appreciate the special thing you're doing for him!


Thanks. He is the sweetest kid so I want to please him. Last year at Christmas I made him an angle shaped vegetarian spanikoita. He was soooo happy and thankful for it tht it makes me want to make him his own entree this year at TG.

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I don't know the answer to your exact question. But one way that I like for baking acorn squash is to bake it cut side down for half the time and then cut side up. When it is cut side down add a little stock (vegetable in your case I guess) -- it keeps the squash moist. [Thank you, Williams Sonoma cookbooks.]


BTW, your stuffing sounds delicious!

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