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Cases for Ipod Touch - how much do I need to spend?

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I have 2 dd's with Ipod Touches and I would like to get them cases for Christmas. I was under the impression they were pretty pricy, but I was just looking on Amazon and they have some around $15 with decent reviews. Do I need to get the expensive brands (otterbox or whatever) or will an inexpensive one do the trick? They won't be dropping them on the floor (hopefully) - I just want something to protect them when put in a purse or backpack.




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No one plans on dropping them on the floor just like no one plans on getting in a car accident. All of our iXYZ products have Otterboxes on them and we would not let the kids play with them without them. They have saved the devises from several falls unexpected falls (I am just as guilty as the kids and DH).

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I'm a pretty responsible adult but after breaking my first iPod Touch in an unplanned accident I went with an Otterbox for my second one. I went with one in the "Commuter" series because the case itself is a little more slim than the other ones and it offered a reasonable amount of protection. The various colors cost different amounts on Amazon. I think I paid just over $20 for mine. I prefer the user experience with the Otterbox as Apple devices are almost too slick for me. My hand has more traction now but the case is still slim and sleek.


A friend of mine blows through a cheap iPod case every couple of months so I think that just getting a decent one to begin with is worth it.

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