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artificial christmas trees?

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We need to buy a new artificial tree.


We were looking at Balsam Hill, and I thought we'd found the perfect tree, but now I've read a ton of reviews and the company doesn't seem to get good reviews. So I'm nervous about buying an expensive tree from them.


Any thoughts from the Hive?

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I love Balsam Hill. I buy all my garlands, wreaths and I have 3 trees from them. I think their stuff is wonderful. Some people claim that the trees are not as full as pictured. you have to follow the directions and it is a lot of work to fluff, but their stuff is beautiful. You are better off not buying clearance because the warranty isn't as good.

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Thanks! We checked Costco, but we're not in love with their trees this year. :)


Our last tree came from the wholesale florist shop, but alas, I am no longer registered to shop there as my business went by the wayside when our littles arrived. So that option's out. It was beautiful though.


Joliet, I am super happy to hear that you've been happy with Balsam Hill. Thanks! I needed to hear a positive.


Oh! And Rough Collie, I read somewhere online that Tree Classics and Balsam Hill are connected somehow. There are 4 or 5 companies that are essentially the same, and those are 2 of them. But just in case, I'm going to go check out Tree Classics now, too.

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I got mine at Micheal's over 10 years ago. It was on clearance the weekend before Christmas. The staff was removing all Christmas stuff and getting the Valentine's stuff up before Christmas. I think it was 70% off. It still looks great. Mine was a display, but there were trees in unopened boxes too. So, my suggestion would be to wait until right before Christmas to get it.

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