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Just need some virtual hugs :(

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Had a rough emotional day yesterday. DS9's teacher asked me in for a conference and has asked me to go back to the behavioural opthamologist and have her reassess his eyes and the glasses she prescribed for his visual convergence. Teacher feels that the glasses are bothering him more than helping and that he is still having trouble seeing the lines on the page, and possibly having trouble 'seeing' blends (like th, or sh). She also asked me to bring him for an OT assessment because she cannot tell if it is just his eyes affecting his handwriting or if he has some kind of actual manual writing issue. He can verbally answer all their questions (like spelling, or story telling) but as soon as he has to write it down he messes it all up. He has also started reversing some letters and numbers which he has never done before. His reading level and comprehension are at or above level (yippee at least some good news) but he still has to read so slow because of his eyes that he never gets through all of his work and barely makes it half way through tests. They are suggesting that we make him re-do Year 3 just to give him a chance to improve his writing/spellinh and get his reading speed up but I know that would absolutely devastate him. I had a bit of an emotional break down yesterday which is so unlike me and I think I freaked everyone out because they never see me cry. I think DS9 blames himself because he was really quiet and subdued this morning and spent all last night asleep basically wrapped around me (legs and arms). I am feeling over-whelmed, sad for him (he asked if he was 'that' stupid that he might be held back), and quilty because I just never really saw his spelling/handwriting as a problem because I was concentrating so much on his convergence insufficiency.


My natural urge is to pull him out and just work at home with him, but I think it would do him a disservice because with a new baby coming and DD3 only going to school 5 days per fortnight, he would not get the amount of attention he needs.

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Were you planning to send them back to school next year? Obviously you've got a lot on your plate at the moment, but school will start winding up in about a fortnight anyway, so will you be providing less than they are between then and next February?


No, if I opt to not let him be held back, I will spend the whole summer holiday basically trying to "catch him up" which will be impossible if he does need vision therapy or OT. I was able to get an appointment with his behavioural opthamologist tomorrow morning, so hopefully she can see if it really is his glasses. Then DS9's teacher will have the list of OTs ready for me tomorrow so I can call around. School here goes through 18/12 so there is another month. I am scheduled to meet with his teacher again in two weeks and will hopefully have his appointments done by then and know what I am dealing with.


And, to add another thing, my pelvic bones have completely separated already and I am supposed to go get physio or I may not be able to walk by the end of this pregnancy (there is a term for it, I think it is pubic dysinphasis or something, but don't want to Google it and get all freaked out right now). My pelvic bone usually separate but not until about 32 or 34 weeks, and these have been separated for a long time.


I could really use a stiff adult beverage right now.

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