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Your favorite way to lose 20 lbs post-baby

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I had Marco almost 5 months ago. Third c-section. The first two sections, I dropped the weight very easily, with no real effort on my end. This one... well, it's done me in. I was under weight to begin with (about 90 lbs); the doctor told me he wanted me to gain an "extra 10" of "make up" weight. I gained about 50 lbs total during the pregnancy. Right now I'm staggering at about 130. Ideal weight for my height is 110 <----- That's where I'd like to be. I'm *not* looking to get back to my unhealthy pre-baby weight.

I just CANNOT seem to shake that 20 lbs! I don't eat a lot; diet consists of the same thing it always has... largely home made, well rounded, balanced meals (but of the meat/protein, vegetable, starch variety). I can't really vary the way I make meals... I'm already cooking for two very different diets in the house (my husband is quite overweight and on a very low carb, low cal, low fat diet; the older children are both very, very SMALL and need a high protein, high "good fat" diet). I need to go one of those two ways and I'm not comfortable putting myself on my husband's diet (I am exclusively nursing the 5 month old).

Any favorite exercises that I can do in the house? Any meals that I can replace with something else, while still getting what I *need* to successfully nurse my little one?

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I have never had a c- section. Thankfully! But I do have 8 children and have fully nursed all of them for at least 1 year.

I am not sure what exercises you are able to do. I have Wii Fit Plus and haven't even used it since I had our little surprise.. I have endometriosis so last year I had so much pain I had surgery to actually diagnose it and have lots of lesions removed. I had a hard time recovering and the worst flow pain of my entire life. My cycle got messed up from surgery and I got pregnant about 6 weeks after surgery. I was unable to eat much since my gut pain was constant and I had a cookbook called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallen. I had access to fresh raw milk at the time and furiously started fermenting as much as possible. I admit I am unable to do that now, but I still eat Organic yogurt, soak oats overnight before cooking, and just today started drinking protein ( whey) to supplement. I am nursing our 5 month old exclusively so I am not worrying about getting skinny right now. I wear 8/10 clothes and Large to XL shirts depending on how they are made.

Light Yoga ( videos) and some cardio should suffice. You are burning lots of calories while nursing, and it is not recommended to lose weight very fast while nursing.

More toxins will go through your milk if you do. I also take Cod Liver oil pills in the Winter to get Vitamin D and A. I usually take prenatal vitamins while nursing, but right now I am out. I try to eat some fish, to replace what is lost through breast milk from me. Tums is also recommended for all women and Dr. Colbert has said Tums brand is the best source of Calcium. I try to eat 2 at night. Take it easy on yourself!!


We also grow a veggie garden, buy fresh veggies at stands now and had a grass fed calf slaughtered. So, I buy organic chicken, dh gets farm eggs, and we just got 5 chickens and a rooster!! Wild caught fish is best too.


I would watch out for gf foods as rice has arsenic in it! Bread is limited in our house. Sourdough is on the phase 2 diet Doug Kauffman recommends.

And nitrites are in bacon, sausage, hot dogs, and lunch meats so they should be limited.

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Here's what works for me:


1) Work 1 salad with lean meat and very little low cal dressing (that's the game changer) into your day. Either for lunch or dinner.

2) Oatmeal for breakfast, with raisins and maybe choc chips but no sugar or milk.

3) no diet drinks -- water or unsweet tea with stevia

4) Eat lean -- lots of veggies, lots of lean meat, no white carbs, fewer but some starchy vegies and fruits

5) No eating after 7:00 p.m. none. nada.

6) Find some healthy go to snacks -- especially if you're nursing. Chocolate yogurt satisfies my cravings; I love stove-made popcorn, but I think the carbs catch up with me; fruit with spoonful of peanut butter.

7) Exercise at least 4 days a week. If I do 3 days, I'm at maintenance weight. If I do 4 days or more, I can tighten or loose weight.


Hope that helps. Five months isn't long! Allow yourself the grace to do this slowly but surely and the pounds WILL come off. For good. :o)



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I would watch out for gf foods as rice has arsenic in it! Bread is limited in our house. Sourdough is on the phase 2 diet Doug Kauffman recommends.

And nitrites are in bacon, sausage, hot dogs, and lunch meats so they should be limited.

I would not take tums or a calcium supp. Most Americans get too much calcium. It is magnesium that you need more of. Increasing calcium decreases your magnesium which can lead to large problems, such as muscle pain and depression. Definitely avoid nitrates, but good companies like Applegate Farms have nitrate free options. Not all rice has arsenic in it, but like any diet, it would be foolish to replace refined carbs for other refined carbs and expect a benefit (except allergy related). Decreasing grains, overall, is a good goal, and preparing them correctly, like in NT if you do eat them.


If you're nursing, don't starve yourself at night to stick with a diet. Aim for protein and veggies, though. I eat a lot of almond butter, chocolate covered almonds, and carrots with dip at night. You don't want your look sugar to drop, so definitely make sure you are getting enough protein and calories, or you will lose your supply and/or not lose weight!

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