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Quick! Would you buy this or wait?

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I have been in the market for an iPad for almost a year now and I've been saving up odds and ends that I can. Someone posted a 1st generation 64-gb iPad for $300 on a yard sale group I am on.... Would you buy this?


They are selling between $230-$275 on ebay, so I could negotiate with him a bit.


I'm really wondering if I should hold off for a 2nd-gen iPad 64GB. A refurbished 2nd-generation iPad goes for $499 on the Apple website. They are going from anywhere between $400-$450 on ebay. (OTOH, a 2nd-generation iPad 32 GB is going for right around $325-400)


I am going to talk myself in circles. What do you ladies say?


Edited to add: I would need to save more to buy the 2nd gen iPad.

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I wouldn't buy it. I think the price is way too high. You would be better off with a newer version with less memory. Unless you save a ton of movies to your iPad, the 16gb iPad2 could be perfect for you.


I think you should save up and buy a refurbished iPad2 directly from Apple. They look absolutely brand new, plus they come with a regular warranty.


Honestly, I would think twice before I paid $100 for the one on the Yard Sale site, so I think $300 is absolutely highway robbery.

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