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Our 1st grade plans- feedback please


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I wanted some feedback on our 1st grade plans. We plan on starting early this summer, as we want to do year around schooling.


First language lessons 1. Is the CD necessary? worth the $10? or not needed?


All about spelling- level 1.

3 times a week?

Writing with ease, level 1.

2 times a week?

New American Cursive, 1.


Literature pockets.

Out loud reading.

Saxon 1.


I want to do some basic art, music, spanish, and possibly (gentle intro to) science/geography, using mainly online or library resources. If you have a great resource please share. These, however, are secondary.


We're planning on Veritas Press' bible and history, starting in 2nd grade. :)

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Looks good. First Language Lessons has 100 lessons and I think is designed for 3 days per week. Writing with Ease 1 has 4 lessons per week. I haven't used any of your other selections.

Thank you!

What about phonics? My daughter loves "The Scrambled States of America" for geography, especially the book on CD version.


We're doing 100 ez lessons now. I think we'll follow the recommendations in the back of the book and read stories from the library. If he still needs help after we finish this spring I'll look into something extra for him. Thanks for the recommendation- I'll look into that.


Your plans look great. :)

We're using FLL for first and the cd is not necessary. I bought it and still haven't unwrapped it. My daughter has memorized the poems without it. I don't think the wwe workbook is necessary either. I just have my daughter narrate and do copy work from whatever we're reading and include it in her history, science or literature notebook. That's just my 2 cents. ;)

If your library has Classical Kids (or if you can use the app) these have been a hit with my first grader. We supplement with picture books about the composer from the library and paint while listening to select pieces. Another app that familiarized her with the instruments in the orchestra and their sounds is Young Genius.

Thank you. I'm just afraid that I won't get around to the copy work-- at least not this year since we're not doing much history or literature. I definitely plan on doing that with our course work next year. I plan on making copies for my other children and the workbook is only $20ish.

I'll check out classical kids and young genius. No apps for me :( although my son told my mother I want an ipad for Christmas. lol. no chance of that though!

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It looks like a good plan to me! We're really enjoying FLL, WWE and AAS. I don't think the CD is necessary for FLL, but the workbook is convenient for WWE. To finish them in a school year, you'll have to do FLL 3x per week and WWE 4x. We do AAS 4-5x per week, but only for about 10 minutes at a time.

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My first grader does WWE Level 1 four times a week. Days 1 and 3 are copywork and days 2 and 4 are narration. Then we do FLL 3 days/wk and AAS 4 days/wk. We do cursive twice a week (opposite copywork days). On the day we don't do grammar, we work on geography. Once we finished the intro cursive book, we started to do our WWE copywork in cursive. This leaves one day a week free to work on special topics like science and art.


We do math, reading, read alouds, and bible daily. Oh, and we listen to SOTW in the car for history.

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I've decided to add God's design for creation for science (human body and world of plants. we'll move into animals in 2nd grade along with our history/bible study of creation) (just read aloud to start), a child's guide to geography (again as a read aloud), and drawing with children- just gentle introductions, once a week per topic.

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