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need a family gift idea

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my brothers and I have been giving family gifts at Christmas. None of us can spend a lot of money, so we spend about $30. The last couple years we have given games, which is fun, but I am looking for something different this year. The tricky part is that they have 2 girls in college, one girl in 9th grade and a son in 5th grade....so the age span makes it hard. PLEASE PLEASE help me come up with something they will all enjoy for about $30. thanks.

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Settlers of Catan? Supposed to be a really fun game.


How about a couple of old videos in a basket with popcorn and candy for a movie night?


Dh's sis once got us a hot chocolate set. You could get Dollar Store mugs for everyone and personalize them with sharpie marker (then you bake it--look it up on google or pinterest for directions) and then put in a basket with real coco, a bag of nice marshmallows, and a recipe on nice cardstock for hot chocolate. You could add a mason jar with strips of paper with fun questions to ask each other while sitting around having cocoa.


You could frame up a really nice collage of photos, and then give everyone a Dollar Store album with copies of all the photos.


Just brainstorming here!

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What about some type of experience? $30 makes it tight, but maybe something like a ticket to a festival of lights - so the whole family can ride through in the car? Pack up a little basket of hot cocoa and snacks to take along?


My first thought was "Ice"... If there is a Gaylord near your family (it's a big ice display, one wears a special coat and walks through the display), but I think even the Groupon deals on Ice were running $9 per ticket this year.


This year we are giving a family gift basket with a gift card to a restaurant, "Dinner Games" tin, and a pack of cute disposable dishes, etc, so SIL doesn't have to cook or do dishes. Not sure if something like that might work?

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Movie passes

Zoo or museum pass

Restaurant gift certificate

Barnes and Noble gift card

2-4 magazine subscriptions (varied)

gift certificate for a photographer or photo processing or matting and framing

movie basket--the Avengers, popcorn, s'mores

subscription to an online game site like Steam, Wii games with snacks, etc.

cooperative board game like Pandemic

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