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Christmas cookies

How many types of Christmas cookies do you make?  

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  1. 1. How many types of Christmas cookies do you make?

    • None
    • 1-2
    • 3-4
    • 5-6
    • 7-9
    • 10 or more
    • Not cookies, but cupcakes

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I have at times made 10 or 12 kinds, and that's always fun, but it's time-consuming and expensive, so the past couple of years, I've attempted to narrow the list down a bit by having everyone choose a favorite or two. It's still usually about 7 or 8 kinds and may or may not include fudge or candies. I've just started thinking about this year's list -- yum!

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I suppose homemade treats of a holiday nature would fall under the large header of Christmas cookies.


Probably 7-9.


1. THE Christmas cookies (spritz, shaped like trees)


2. Andes mint cookies


3. Some other kind of cookie, something unusual


4. Fudge (usually more than one type)


5. Divinity


6. Turkish delight


7. Brittle (at least one type)


8. Pretzels dipped in melted peppermint bark


9. At least one other thing


I usually make up variety-pack gifts, hence all of the different items.

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It depends.


I almost always make a kind of peanut butter/chocolate candy.

I often make some kind of cut out cookie for the boys to decorate.

Last year I went crazy and made 8-10 kinds, but I gained 5lb in the month of December so I'm not sure if I should do that again.



I'm planning repeats of:


peanut butter candy (as always, in fact I finished my first tray today)

apple cider caramels

lemon cookies


kardamom plaetchen (cardamom shortbread dipped in chocolate)


I might try something different too, like napoleons, peanut brittle, or a stollen.

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We make julekage (Norwegian breakfast bread with cardamom and fruitcake mix in the bread--yum!) and spruta (Norwegian version of spritz cookies).


ginger snaps

turtle bars

white choc dipped pretzels


split seconds

thin, crispy cinnamon bars

kringla (also Norwegian)


and every year, just for fun, we make something we've never tried before.


My grandmother's fruitcake, which was truly delicious, died with her. Sigh.

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Some years I make a lot and some years I don't make any. So far, I made 2 types this year for our church's food/bake sale - Merry Cherry bars, and spritz. I plan on making some sugar cookies this week and some peanut butter fudge, along with the Thanksgiving pies. I feel like baking this year.

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I voted 5-6. What I actually do is make a big batch of a sugar cookie like GF dough, and then make some cutouts, and separate the dough to add different mix ins. We'll make peppermint cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate/sugar swirl cookies, and make some with some variety of candy added (m&m's, white or butterscotch morsels, health bits, andes candies, etc).


So nice to only make one dough and then customize from there!

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I didn't vote; like others, some years we make quite a few different types and some years none at all (or nothing other than some chocolate chip cookies). This year we have the following on the list, though I'm not sure how many we'll actually get around to making.


"Aunt Edna's" date cookies (recipe from my MIL)

peanut butter cookies (ds9's request)

mint chocolate chip cookies (also ds9's request)

more "Aunt Edna's" cookies (we can eat the whole batch in one night :svengo: )

krumkake, but only if my mom comes over to help me

sandbakkel, though I totally cheat and don't use the tins (plus I don't have my grandmother's; I think they are at my aunt's house)

candy sushi (ds6's request ... rice crispy treats spread thin, rolled up with candy inside and sliced like sushi)

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What do you make sandbakkel in if you don't have the tins?

I really really cheat and just roll small balls of dough and then gently press them flat on the cookie sheet. One of these years I'll buy my own tins, but I love the taste of the cookies so much (plus they remind me of my grandma and my dad) that I make cheater style sandbakkel. ;)
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