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Alternative to Math Flash Cards

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are you opposed to computer games? Timez Attacks is a lot of fun, and free. I also bought 2 10-sided dice and we would play a simple game - each of us would roll the two dice and had to state the problem "2 plus 5 is 7" and then whoever got the highest score that round got a tally mark. and the person with the most tally mark wins . . . but of course the real point is just to review the facts. No big deal if they get it wrong, just correct and move on . . . they will get it eventually. and you can do it for other operations as well

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There are a million smart phone and tablet apps for facts practice.


I also really like games like 24, Knock-Out, and Corners (one of the Right Start games), that force you to practice different operations. You're not running through rote practice - there's strategy involved, making it more fun - and killing two birds with one stone by giving kids both lots of facts practice and a chance to play around with number relationships a bit more than flash cards.

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