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I'm going out of my mind with my ds. I'm going to lose it!

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My ds will be 3 in a couple of months. I've had it with him!! He is great, but bedtime and nap time leave me so worn out and stressed that I just want to tear my hair out and jump out the window!!


He is sooooo, soooo tired. But he will not nap or sleep. He gives me a thousand excuses, "I'm scared" "I'm thirsty" "I need to go potty" "I'm hungry".....every line in the book. He shares a room with older dd and ds. He wakes them up with his talking, playing, whining, and crying at night. I don't know what to do.


I have tried everything. His bedtime is 8pm and he usually doesn't fall asleep until 10pm. It's a constant getting up and being put back to bed. I just want to lock him up in a room!!


During nap I struggle with him for 30-45 minutes before he finally stays in his room. I don't care if he sleeps...I just want him to have a little quiet time to himself. He used to be so good about napping and sleeping.


I understand he might be outgrowing his nap, but I REFUSE to give up quiet time. My 4yo dd still does quiet time as does my 6yo ds.


I seriously am so stressed right now! I can't focus this much of my time to putting him to bed...I have an 11 month old to take care of! On top of that, I have school to do with ds and sometimes I just need some quiet time for myself.


Someone please give me some suggestions as I am about to go jump in front of a train!!....well, not literally.


Liz in NC

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One thing that worked for us was that they both LOVED to sleep with their doors open. As long as they stayed in their rooms, they got to have the door open. If they came out, we would shut their door, which had the child-proof door openers on them so the doors had to stay shut. I know some kids figure out how to open them anyway, but mine never did...:001_smile: It only took once or twice for them to realize the consequence was much worse than the fun of getting out of bed.

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Ok, here's a really good youtube of supernanny dealing with this. My approach when my kids were little was pretty similar. It takes gut-it-out consistency. For *awhile* while you are training, you HAVE to take the time. Plan on it. Plan FOR it. Or give it up altogether. If your other kids can sleep elsewhere while you are in training with this one, that might be good. And trust me, I have had 2 kids that ranked up there with "World's most challenging", so I've been there.






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There's an herbal formula at the health food store called Calm Child, works like a charm. ;)


If he's not falling asleep at night, maybe he really doesn't need the nap? Tell him he has to be in his bed (position doesn't matter) during quiet time, and give him a tape player with headphones. That way he's quiet, you get rest, everyone is happy. If he drops the nap, maybe he'll fall asleep better come evening. When my dd was that age, I needed my rest, and the tape/cd player was how I got it.

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All of my children are that way....our Ped told us to use Melatonin....it has been a LIFE SAVER.....well, for them anyhow....a sanity saver for us! LOL


Some tips:


Be sure you get straight Melatonin....some brands have other stuff in them that may or may not be safe for kids.


Give him one 3mg pill about 15 min before bedtime and make sure you do this at the same time every night....at least in the beginning. Put him to bed in as dark a room as he will be comfortable....read him a story and that should do the trick.


If, after a few days, it isn't working....try 2 3mg pills.


We get ours through www.swansonvitamins.com they are an exceptionally good value there.

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My ds3 falls asleep much faster when he a) doesn't take a nap and 2) has some good exercise during the day. If he takes a nap, he's up until 11pm. I just give up any afternoon quiet time to have some quiet time in the evening. Sometimes I let him watch some PBS, but he's not a big tv watcher.

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I like Super Nanny's bed technique, too. The trick is to be persistent and not give in, and not talk.


Also, could he be too tired? Sometimes there's a small window when a child is tired, but if the opportunity is missed, they become "wired" and can't calm down. Do you notice a time EARLIER than bedtime when you "need" him awake, but he seems pretty tired? Maybe he seems cranky, or starts pulling at his hair or rubbing his eyes a little, or starts to get whiny just a bit.


How's your bedtime routine? It's harder with other kids in the room, for sure.


Quiet time instead of nap is a great idea--but you may have to shorten the quiet time for a while so he won't fall asleep during that time. In other words, if you put him in his room for an hour (times are arbitrary here), it may be long enough for a nap--and the nap may be interfering with his sleep later. If you shorten it to .5 hour, he will get the idea of quiet time but not fall asleep. You can go longer, moving back up to an hour, when he doesn't fall asleep and can entertain himself for that hour or so. You'll have less of a break, but just think of it as a bigger break, just moved to his bedtime--he'll go to sleep easier and faster.


Make sense?

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Oh, I love the the two to five stage. Tell you what, send him here and we will completely spoil him for a couple of years and then send him back to you.


I've accused some friends of moving simply to save their younguns from being shamelessly spoiled by me and my dds.

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