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Things I've found that I like

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I like the "mark forum read" button for each forum instead of having to mark the entire board.

I like the very obvious "hot" topic tags.

I like the sharing options at the bottom of the individual threads.

I like the skin even though the bright white can be a bit blinding on occasion.

I like the status update area

I like the preview of my inbox without having to go there.



What are things you like?

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Agree re: mobile app. Bummer. The main forum, so far so good, and THANKS guys. I look forward to my social group's return, and thank you for working on that as well. I like the flexibility and the LIKE button.



I'm liking the mobile version as it is much easier to read but the typing not so much, as evidenced above :)

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I like the ease of clicking the reply.


I like being able to see who's reading the thread.


I like the like and the notifications and inbox preview.


I like the cleaner look of the logo at the top and the general layout, though the white is not good at all for me.


Less into other things... but it's early yet and everything is so slow that I can barely look it over anyway. Off to the ballet matinee with the hopes it's faster this evening.

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