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Saxon 3 vs. Saxon Intermediate: BIG Difference!

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I own both of these but had never compared them side by side because I just assumed they covered the same material, just in a different order. My daughter and I are on Lesson 17 of the regular Saxon 3 and so I opened up my Intermediate book and compared what was in lesson 17 of that book. It was WAY ahead of where she is and even by the end what they were learning looked different. So my suggestion would be to not skip either book but to do the scripted books (K-3) one year ahead and then to do Intermediate in 3rd grade and continue on that way, which still gets one to calculus in 12th grade. I think it would have been a big jump from 2 to Intermediate or from 3 to 5/4 for a lot of kiddos. I can see the benefits of doing both. Also, even if there is overlap in the concepts, I think the format is so different that it is beneficial for them to redo some of the same information at a faster pace focusing more on transitioning into a textbook and independent learning and less on brand new concepts. Just my 2 cents!

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Thanks for sharing about this! I'd be really interesting in hearing what some other opinions are on this, as I had always heard that you did one or the other and not both

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