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Questions about Notifications and Following


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I have looked in the help documents already and did not see answers to these questions.


1. What is Push Notification? Under "My settings" is a tab for choosing Notification Options. There is a long list of notification events and the option for me to select what notification method I want for each one. The choices are "Notification List", "Email", and "Push Notification". Email is self-explanatory and I definitely don't want that. Is Notification List the button at the top of the screen next to my username? This seems similar to the facebook notification system. But what is the third option, "Push Notification"?


2. Auto Following topics. Not a question because I actually found the answer, but it may help others. On the old software, I liked to automatically subscribe to every thread I posted in. Then those threads appeared in my User CP so I could easily see updates to them. In this software, it appears to be called "following" rather than "subscribing". And under the Notification Options tab under My Settings, there is a choice at the very top that says, "Auto follow topics I reply to". I do have a question about the menu bar that follows that with the options: None, immediate, offline, Daily Digest, Weekly Digest. The default is "offline". What does that mean?


3. Broken link in Help Topic. In the Help page on Topics and Forums, the following sentence appears almost at the end:


If you wish to automatically subscribe to every topic you reply to, you can configure this from your control panel.


When I click on the link there for my control panel, I get an error message:


Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return to the community index


4. Content I Follow. This page, accessible in the panel next to my username at the top, is the equivalent of my old subscription page, is that correct? A number of topics appear there for me, but only a small number on each page. It shows 22 pages of topic with one or two or three topics per page. Is there an option to display more on the first page? I am attaching a screent shot to show what I mean.


Thanks for any help in answering these questions!

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