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Soooo slow


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I was just coming to ask about the same thing. But it seems to have started working on my way here. Hopefully that is fixed.


(Hmmm.... nope. It took forever for this post NOT to load. Wonder if it will double post.)


ETA: Let's see if the edit button works. Oh, yeah, it double posted.

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Yes, it's slow for me, too - especially on my Nook. It's a little better on the laptop, but not much.



The whole look of the site changes if you click on "Change Themes" on the bottom bar of the site. There is a "mobile" option. Perhaps that will help some (when you are on the Nook).

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It is taking 30 seconds or more to open a thread or navigate to a different section. Is is that way for everyone?


It's awful. I am waiting longer now for the site and the threads to load than I did when I had dial-up!


I hate "new and improved". It always is a problem. The fastest site I use has not upgraded software since 1998. It's wonderful and very active.


Please ditch all the new-fangled Facebook/Twitter linking and fancy stuff and just make the site run quickly! Please?

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