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Question aout user ratings?


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It looks like it is from the "Like This" button that is on the side of posts. It also looks like they defaulted everyone to start with 10 (which I think is a good idea). I've "liked" both of your above posts, so you should be at least 11 to see how it works.


Edited to add that I TRIED to Like both of your posts, but was only successful Liking Halycon's. It had "trouble storing" the other one. Perhaps there is a limit to liking within a thread?

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This is not a feature that I like either...but can't find a way to disable it...It is way to Facebooky for me (I don't have or ever want a FB account either)....


I think partly it is included as a way of making it easier for them to identify 'good content' - but it's really the ideas that count, not who came up with them....


Please make an individual way of disabling....Maybe make a way of liking an idea without it automatically being linked to a poster, esp if they are not interested in the tally?



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