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Read First - Especially if you are having forum problems!

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Hi All,

John here, the "otherjohn", IT & marketing guy for Peace Hill Press.  Having a forum in which receives so much traffic brings challenges not found elsewhere. So in order to help us debug and tweak the forums for the best user experience, I ask you to read the following requests.


  • Before you post to the forums please take a look in the help documentation to see if your answer is there!
  • If you do post a technical issue please, please, please do the following:
    • Please visit and cut & paste the information into the thread you are posting. This helps us know if the technical problem is browser related.
    • Please mention what Operating System you are using.
    • IF POSSIBLE, please take a screen shot of the issue ( error message or quirky behavior). Go to for instructions on how to take a screen shot. Use a free image service to show the screen shot please.


Common Problems


If you cannot post in classifieds

  • Do you have 1-10 posts in the forums yet?  We disabled creating classifieds for those who just signed up with the forums. This is the help combat spam. Try posting an introduction of yourself on the Introduction and Test Forums. 99% of the time, users have not posted yet on the site.

More coming soon....

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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