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Looking for little girl gift ideas

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My DD is turning 7 in a week. I don't want to always get Barbies. She has about 10 already and I really want other ideas for her. She has Little Pet shop already also. I have searched Amazon, Target and Walmart to try to get ideas. The Hive has some great ideas so I was hoping you could give me some for a little girl. I need to have ideas for birthday and Christmas.

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handbells, Playmobil, audio books, board games


Some things that I'm looking at for my kids for Christmas are sleds, new hats, stilts, legos, a doctor's kit (not a plastic one - a boxy black purse, real bandages, a real stethescope, etc), a contraptions set, good quality jump ropes, and books.

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My dd loves stuffed animals, art supplies and craft kits.


Pillow Pets

oil pastels, colored pencils, gel pens, markers

paints & brushes

sketch pad

beads--bracelet kits

chenille stems

playsilks (we bought 35" squares from Dharma Trading and dyed them with koolaid--she loved this)

dress-up hats--foam pirate or cowgirl hats from the craft store

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