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How would you "clean" this piece of bedding?

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I have a handmade, very thick comforter/quilt on my bed. It was a wedding gift from my aunt and I just love it. As our bedroom style changed, I made a duvet for it to go into, and it is protected inside this. The problem is that I would like to clean it or air it out or something (I'm washing all bedding today). It doesn't fit into my washing machine or dryer. I don't have time, nor do I feel inclined to spend the afternoon at a laundromat today, as I have done in the past w/this thing. I don't have a laundry line to hang it out on for the day. I don't love Febreeze.


It doesn't necessarily need to be washed since its been tucked into the duvet and I can wash that, I just like the fresh, clean idea today. Any suggestions on homemade cocktails to spritz it with, perhaps? Something that might be helpful on pillows and mattresses as well? While all those things are protected with pads and zipper cases, like the quilt w/the duvet, I sometimes just want to freshen everything, kwim?



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I have used baking soda on the mattresses to freshen them up, and then vacuume them really well. It worked wonders on ds's smelly mattress.


Otherwise I would just spread it over a couple of chairs in the yard for an hour or two in the sun.


Hope you figure out a way to freshen it,



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Thanks everyone - all good suggestions. I can honestly say I did not think of draping it over chairs in the back yard :blush: . I think I will get out there and rig something up before it rains later (and my washing will be taken care of, lol!). I also think I will give the baking soda a shot, too. Considering mixing some water and some essential oil in a spray bottle and misting everything as well.


My room will smell lovely by the end of the day.

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