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The "Pursuing a Classical Liberal Arts Education" social group was a spin-off from the big CiRCE thread last spring. It was supposed to be a quieter place for people to talk about ideas related to the thread. It was busy for a while, but then people wandered off elsewhere.


Since the social groups will be deleted soon, I'm taking the time to copy and paste all the links to talks, articles, e-books and other media (and a few miscellaneous bits and pieces) for anyone who's interested.


Hey, maybe you can bookmark some of them for reading & listening while the forum is down. ;)

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Recommended WTM Forum Threads


3-24-2011, Does Circe have a curriculum? Includes a long post from Andrew Kern.


Which 20 Books Help Prepare for Reading the Great Books?



Anne of Green Gables study guide (8FilltheHeart)


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CiRCE Institute Audio Library (free)



CiRCE Downloads (most are $3 each)



Recommended talks from above pages -- some free, some $


* James Taylor -- Good to Great

* Sophrosune: The Practical Virtue by George Sanker

* The Contemplation of Nature Part II by Andrew Kern

* Mentor by Vigen Guroian


* Cinderella by Vigen Guroian

* What is Woman? by Angelina Stanford

* What are we doing to our boys? by James Daniels

* Leisure - The Basis of Learning by James Daniels

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Society for Classical Learning: Conference Recordings (free)


* 2011 -- Christian Kopf on Memorization


Society for Classical Learning: Journal



Institute for Excellence in Writing


* Andrew Kern -- Cultivating Wisdom through Writing



Association of Classical and Christian Schools (many free)


* Math: God's Invention Man's Discovery


Christopher Perrin: Inside Classical Education -- blog and free audio downloads



Classical Academic Press -- Audio downloads


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Homeschooling -- Organizational Ideas & Templates


Memory work using a white board (Golden Grasses blog)



Mnemosyne memory work binder (Dragons in the Flower Bed blog)



Scripture Memory System (Simply Charlotte Mason)



SCM Memorization Chart



Lesson plan template, inspired by Andrew Kern's "A Contemplation of Nature II" talk



Narration cube


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Children's book recommendations for 9 year old boy who likes animals and adventure stories (to be used for reading aloud, copywork, grammar study, etc.):



The Wind in the Willows

The Secret Garden

The Princess and Curdie

The Phantom Tollbooth

James and the Giant Peach

The Search for Delicious

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Tale of Despereaux

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chronicles of Narnia

The Borrowers

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Saturdays

Half Magic

The Hobbit

Peter Pan

The Book of Three and the other Prydain chronicles

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Dr. Doolittle "(you'll need to edit some racial slurs)"

Trumpet of the Swan

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Suggestions for Science, History of Science, and Nature Study:



The Private Eye

Sandbox Scientist

Bitesized Science


The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms by Clare Walker Leslie (Storey Publishing, 2010)

(extra copies of worksheets available for download on the publisher's web site)




post from Auntie Leila's blog:



"Uncle Paul" (with caveat regarding bad translation and archaic language)

http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89102110533 )



"Living Book" recommendations:

View from the Oak

The Snowflake Man

& younger children's version: Snowflake Bentley

The Invention of Clouds


Cartoon about the beauty of nature: http://xkcd.com/877/ ;)

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Math curriculum recommendations:


Art of Problem Solving


Ray's Arithmetic online (Free)



Math-related articles & talks:




http://aclassicalblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/simon-weil.html -- some insights from Simone Weil (Or "Simon," if you prefer ;))


Andrew Kern, Incarnational Teaching in Kindergarten


& On Teaching Math


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Humanities for high school students:




Teaching Company lectures (might contain material that's unsuitable for children below high school level), including:


Western Civ taught by Professor Noble of Notre Dame

Classical archeology (professor taught at Vanderbilt?)

St Augustine by Philip Cary

St. Francis of Assisi taught by two professors from SUNY

American Identity by Professor Patrick Allit

BBC program by Simon Schaama called A History of Britain

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Literary Criticism; Cultural, Religious, & Philosophical Writings


[many of these had links -- mostly to Amazon -- but somehow they got lost in my cutting and pasting. I'll add them back later if I can find the time.]


CS Lewis: On the Fairytale (online document)

CS Lewis: Meditation in a Toolshed (PDF)

The Great Divorce -- CS Lewis - Amazon Link

The Abolition of Man -- CS Lewis-Amazon Link


CS Lewis Study Guides (including The Abolition of Man)

Further Up and Further In

The Way Into Narnia: Readers' Guide


On Fairy Stories, JRR Tolkien -- free Google book

The Philosophy of Tolkien -- Amazon Link


Tolkien: Man and Myth, a Literary Life - Joseph Pearce - Amazon Link


G. Ronald Murphy, SJ: The Owl, The Raven, and the Dove: The Religious Meaning of Grimm's Magic Fairy Tales

* A group member asked Fr. Murphy which edition of Grimm's he recommended, and it was this one:



John Senior -- The Restoration of Christian Culture and The Death of Christian Culture

The Devil Knows Latin by E. Christian Kopff



The Grammar of Our Civility by Lee Pearcy



The Educated Imagination -- Northrop Frye


Dr. Vigen Guorian -- Tending the Heart of Virtue


Littlejohn & Evans -- Wisdom & Eloquence


Josef Pieper -- Leisure, the Basis of Culture


Richard M Weaver -- Ideas Have Consequences


John Lukacs -- Historical Consciousness


James KA Smith -- Desiring the Kingdom - "this is written and directed more at university level education, but I've found a lot that is applicable to me so far"


Richard Gamble -- The Great Tradition: Classic Readings on What it Means to Be an Educated Human Being


Recommended by Christopher Perrin: AG Sertillanges -- The Intellectual Life: Its Spirits, Conditions, Methods


James Sire -- Habits of the Mind


Reed of God by Caryll Houselander (& also her children's books)


Two books by Christian authors about the importance of home life:

Splendor in the Ordinary -- Thomas Howard

The Most Important Place on Earth

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Journeys Through Bookland (children's anthology) at: www.archive.org and other sites


Curriculum of St. Jerome's Classical School (free K-12 curriculum developed by a group of homeschoolers, school teachers, and subject matter experts)



Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student - Corbett

Office Of Assertion: An Art Of Rhetoric For Academic Essay - Scott F Crider

Harvey's Revised English Grammar - Thomas Harvey



Good Reading and Good Thinking as a Prerequisite to Good Writing




Christopher Perrin: An Introduction to Classical Education (free pdf download) http://insideclassicaled.com/?page_id=400




http://www.ordo-amoris.com/2009/09/leisure-basis-of-culture-chapter-1.html -- blog group discussion of Josef Pieper's Leisure, the Basis of Culture





More book recommendations:


The Jesuits and Education -- William McGucken


Norms & Nobility -- David Hicks


Climbing Parnassus by Tracy Lee Simmons


Dr. James S. Taylor: Poetic Knowledge

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You're welcome. :) Here are the last bunch, I think.



Miscellaneous, part 2:


More free Peter Kreeft talks (including the Until We Have Faces talk mentioned in the big thread). And some more.


Why Beauty Matters -- BBC TV program presented by Roger Scruton (not for children, and perhaps not for very sensitive adults -- many examples of art with obscenity, blasphemy, gory stuff, etc.)


Blog posts from Ladydusk (Hi there!), in response to some lectures by Dr. Perrin:

"The Intellectual Virtues;" "How to be a Teacher, How to be a Student; "The Lighter Side of Education"



Ignatian (Jesuit) education:


The Jesuit Model of Education

Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm

Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm: Components (video)

Inner Geography of Prayer (video)



Vintage books:


Seven Laws of Teaching -- John Milton Gregory (19th c. US) -- reissued recently; various summaries available online


The Classics: Their History and Present Status in Education, ed. Felix Kirsch, O.F.M. Cap.; introduction by Roy J. Deferrari [both were professors at Catholic University of America], Bruce Publishing Company, Milwaukee, 1928. Doesn't seem to be available online at this point, but there are still a few hard copies around.


Latin and Greek in American Education by Francis Willey Kelsey, 1911.



And as if any of us needed more suggestions, there's also CiRCE's recommended reading list.

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