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Writing resources for me and IEW on the cheap ?s


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I need some kind of general writing resource to help me in teaching writing. We like WWE, but I need help as a teacher. I could still write a 20 page research paper, but I have a hard time breaking up all that writing knowledge into manageable steps for children. Is there a manual that would be helpful with guidelines like, don't start every sentence with the same word, etc?


I'm looking at IEW for this reason. If I can borrow the dvds from a friend or the library will buying the workbook for TWSS be enough? Or would I need to watch the dvds each year?

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I hope you can find the TWSS. Watch it and you'll see how easy it is.


You don't NEED anything else, but you can do either the SWI-A or a theme based.


ETA: In answering your question regarding watching them every year. No you do not need to. The DVD's basically teach you how to teach each unit. I have re watched two of them just because I find them so helpful and inspiring

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