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where are your indoor pet's bowls

Where do you keep your pet's food and water dishes  

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  1. 1. Where do you keep your pet's food and water dishes

    • kitchen/dining
    • utility room
    • occupied bedroom
    • unused (guest) bedroom or other "extra" room
    • living/family room
    • other

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Cat's is by the bathroom near the front door entry (we take it up when folks come over because I don't want Kitty Delight bombarding their nostrils as the first scent they come across in our house...).


Dog's is in the kitchen, the only room w/o wood floors (except bathrooms, which are teeny).

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We've done different things over the years, depending on where we live and which pets we have.


Dog food can be on the floor in the kitchen. However, if we have a cat, his food cannot be where the dog can get it, because cat food is bad for dogs. So I have to figure out where to put that. :glare:


In this house, the cat food and water are upstairs, which is a no-dog zone. :) When we didn't have the dog, food and water were downstairs in the laundry room. Now that I have dogs, I feed them twice a day. I used to free-feed, but it just works better for me to put the food down and pick up the empty bowls. Water for the dogs is in the laundry room.In our last house, which didn't have an actual laundry *room,* cat food and water were on the floor in the kitchen (when there wasn't a dog).

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We have 4 dogs and 2 cats.


The cats have their bowls in the bathroom (with a babygate so they can actually have food!)

1 dog gets fed in the kitchen, 1 in his cage, and 2 in the living room.

~ We do it this way because the kitchen dog is a slow eater, the cage dog will have his food taken if he eats in the living room and the 2 living room dogs eat so quick its gone before it hits the bowl. lol.

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I chose Other because our dogs' and cats' bowls are all over the house. :)


Some are in the laundry room, some are in two of our bathrooms, and there is another one at the landing at the top of the basement stairs and a couple more in the garage. (Four cats, four dogs, most need to be separated so they don't steal eachothers' food!)


If I ever build a custom house, I will plan for litter box and bowl locations in a tiled area or two!

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The cats' are in the pantry behind a baby gate (so the dog will leave them alone).


I wish we had a "secure" location to keep the cat's dish. Like most cats, ours is a snacker but we have to pick up her dish whenever no one will be in the area.

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