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Creating an online classroom

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Has anyone created an online classroom? As gas prices get higher, I'm considering this for an every other week class. We would meet online 2x month and in person 2x month.

If you've done this, what software did you use? Was it free? Easy to use?

Did it require you to have a large server? I only have a typical home computer.

Thanks for any help!

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I haven't tried it yet but there is a website for free homeschool online classes which uses Eluminate.

Now you could go to Eluminate and set up your own class for free but you can only have 3 people on it ( including yourself). Otherwise you would have to pay for it.


The name of the site is Virtual Homeschool group(http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com/) and you can contact the owner to see if you can add any classes to her group. You have to chose a time though so you can't do it when you want to. But its unlimited number of students. The last time I talked to her I was planning on doing a Saxon math class but then I had my youngest daughter and didn't have the time to do it. I'm hoping that I can start a class eventually.

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