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Ack!! What happened to my toilet brush?!?!

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It is my son's job to "swish" the toilets at least once a week. I used to do it every day a la Flylady, and would put Mr. Clean in the toilet brush holder.

But with kids and cats, I stopped doing that for fear they'd get into it.

The other week in what I thought was a fit of pure brilliance, I decided to put some vinegar in the brush holders instead [keep in mind, these are the kind that tilt in when not in use so I can't see in them when they're closed]. I only managed to get one of them done though.

I've been noticing that there was some dirty smudges on the floor around the brush holder [DS8 isn't too observant in these matters], so today I went in to check on them and clean up a bit. When I opened the brush holder, the vinegar was blood red!!! Like, forgive the TMI, as if my period had started into the brush holder!!

I can't figure out what happened. These aren't the kind that are bristles twisted into metal wires; they're the "French" style like this. I guess I can't rule out metal inside it, but....

And if I can't use vinegar, what CAN I use?

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You don't think the cats or kids got into it and poked themselves. Maybe it was blood? Could it be oxidation from rust produced by a chemical reaction? Idk, do they even have metal on them?


No, they tilt in so the cats can't get into them, and if it /were/ blood, it was a lot of it, and I'd notice a wound that big on the 3yo.


All I can think is some sort of oxidation, but I just can't figure out what. :(

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