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why do you blog

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I was thinking about starting a blog as a type of therapy. I am having a rough time with depression and thought it might help me to get my feelings out. And I also thought about keeping track of the positive things that I accomplish even if it is just doing laundry. But all my friends IRL are to busy for me to talk with on a reg bases. So, i thought maybe if I blogged it would encourage me to do something so I have something to blog about. Also, I could whine without it biting me in the butt.


Has anyone else had or known of blogs like this?

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I started one b/c my husband recognized my need to talk and couldn't fulfill that need himself...or so he says....:lol:


It started off about homeschooling, but also included struggles with ds, spiritual issues, and other things.


Two words of advice;


If you want to do one that is going to be venting in nature, then make it totally anonymous.

Remember that some call depression "anger turned inward;" as you journey to healing your depression, you might need to deal with issues that are not only likely to make you angry, but possibly enraged. Since no one is truly angry only at herself, that means other people will come to mind and you may be tempted to blog about wrongs done to you by them. I've been on that journey--but ymmv.


The other thing is remember that once something is on the net, it's on the net. It can be hard to find, but it's there.


Hope your blog is useful to you. :grouphug:

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I started a blog as a substitute for scrapbooking, plus it helps for our extended family to stay connected with our children.


:iagree: It started off as a way to keep my family connected because everyone lives all over the place. Then I thought maybe there might be other parents going through similar things we are going through so I made it public.

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