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Dog People, I could really use a hug.

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I'm back from a vet appointment for my 3 year old sheltie girl. The vet thinks I'm right (Google is NOT your friend when you're worried about something medical, but in this case, it did provide me with correct information.) It looks like the beginnings of corneal dystrophy. We're getting a referral to a veterinary opthamologist, and have her on steroid/antibiotic drops for the time being. I know she's happy and otherwise healthy, and I shouldn't be upset over something that may or may not progress. But my heart breaks to know that this may eventually lead to blindness, and she has such a skittish and fearful nature already.....I can't imagine how awful that would be for her. :crying:


Deep breath. Wait and see what the specialist says, right?

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Before the dreaded event (John, are you *sure* the boards need to be down for a whole day? ;)) I wanted to jump on and say thanks for the hugs. I know that she'll adjust to whatever her world throws at her, and the important thing for us to do is be sure she's not in any pain or discomfort from the condition. But she's our little spitfire, our alpha-b**** with an attitude, and I really hope this doesn't squelch that spirit!


Thanks, hive! I knew you'd understand!

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