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Who's Going to Tackle Wednesday with Me?

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Ugh. All sorts of things are setting today up to be a bad day. But I refuse that option. In fact, I won't even list all the things because that will set me up mentally to be grumpy about it all.


First on the list - to make my bed, shower, dress etc. so that I can feel like I'm facing the day.


So put on those boxing gloves, we are going to knock this day into next week! boxing-speed-bag-smiley-emoticon.gif

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It's 11:20am here. So far, I've gotten dressed (showered last night), fed the kids breakfast, made sure they were all showered & dressed. The termite inspection man was here at 9am and done by 9:20. I helped my dd15 pack her suitcase and carry-on for her trip (she leaves Saturday morning). It's about 90% packed (still waiting on a pair of jeans that she's currently wearing and we have to pick up a pair of black leggings, a can of shaving cream, and a small bottle of shampoo). We managed to fit everything in with a significant amount of empty space--which is good, since I doubt she'll be able to pack it as efficiently on the way home without me there to help!


I'm finishing kindergarten with dd5; ds and dd8 are almost done with morning lessons. DD15 is working on her English assignments. We're going to grab a quick lunch on our way to dd15's Spanish class (12:30-2pm). While she's at class, I have to pick up the two little girls that I babysit from their respective preschools (on opposite sides of town). We'll stop by the bank & library before picking dd15 up.


Then we'll do afternoon lessons & chores before heading to church at 4pm for the kids' musical practice. Then we'll squeeze in dinner, reading, and bedtime before I have to go to work at 9pm.

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I am going to tackle Wednesday with you!


Today, it's on my agenda to exercise, plan some menus and shopping lists, clean and keep myself generally distracted. My family is still in limbo...would you mind praying that we get some resolution? We just want God's will for our family, and the waiting is getting old.


I also need to return a few phone calls, which is my LEAST FAVORITE THING TO DO. Even when it's just a friendly call. I hate being on the phone.


Have a great afternoon, everyone!

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Of course I'll pray for you, Random.


Here's my noon check-in.


Ds15 actually got his geometry done today.


Dd10 and I got science, history, and spelling done.


This afternoon is going to be a bear - I have some appointments and a task to complete outside in the cold rain. My muscles do not do well with wet and cold but I'm going to have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it anyway.

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7pm check in -

Got a lot done today. The only thing I still need to pick up before dd15 leaves on her trip is a pair of black leggings. We're having trouble finding them in her size. I will tackle that challenge tomorrow.


So, the forum is going to be down tomorrow---how on earth will I get anything done without Jean keeping me on task? (Or, perhaps I will get more done because I won't be able to get sidetracked by the board??!)

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4:30. Botheration. FIL has the carpet shampooer. (He has the beginnings of Alzheimer's and doesn't remember he has it and hasn't remembered to even use it but he has it.) I absolutely have to shampoo this car tonight. The car is starting to smell like moldy vomit. So. . . dd and I are jumping in the car and are going to go 30 min. through rush-hour traffic to get the darn thing and then back. Oh joy. . .

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8 pm and I am down for the count. But not before I got my TKO. boxer-knockout-smiley-emoticon.gif


It took me two hours to drive to ILs, collect the carpet shampooer and come home. This is the only night when I could do something like that so I just went ahead and did it. Plus I needed the shampooer. Or so I thought. I got home and found a key part missing. Sigh. It might be in FIL's garage or I might just have to see if I can order a replacement part. Anyway - we do have a handheld shampooer (sort of like a dirt devil). We used that. It's better than nothing but not by much. We were out there in the dark with flashlights trying to finish the job. We'll see what it looks like and smells like in the morning.


The Latin tutor is sick and had to cancel so the good thing is that we didn't have to do that and the Latin tutoring.


Dh is out of town and got stuck at his layover with a bum plane so I'm waiting to hear that he got to his destination safely.

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