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Prayer and suggestions needed

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My ds was diagnosed with Childhood Anxiety Disorder this summer. He was seeing a psych that he loved, but she was not covered under his insurance so we were paying out of pocket.


Well, 8 weeks ago my husband tells me he is miserable, no longer wants to be married and up and left. (yes, I have found out there is someone else in the picture.) He went to an attorney to start a divorce only 3 weeks after leaving. Now we just found out last week that he up and moved to New York without even saying goodbye to the kids. Needless to say, this is making ds's anxiety much worse and I can't afford to take him back to see his psych. He is seeing a counselor at our church and she is helping him tremendously. We have a huge support system of family and friends and that helps too. I have also talked to his psych and she gave me the name of a couple of resources for me to use with him until I can afford to get him back in again. However, I would like to find something natural that I can give him that would help calm his anxiety some.


So the point of this thread....does anyone have any suggestions for something natural that I could give ds? We have a great health food store here and I am ok with ordering online if I need to. Prayers would be much appreciated as well.

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I'm so sorry this is happening.


My son has anxiety as part of his asd. I take him to a naturopath who specializes in treating asd/similar and two things she put him on specifically for the anxiety are L-theanine (am 200mgs) and pharmaGABA (he's supposed to take it 3x per day, but reality is twice and the synthetic GABA from NOW as he takes 500mgs - he started at 250 - and pharmaGABA only comes in 100mg capsules). also, a very good vitamin B-complex. (ds does thorne B-complex #12)


My ND prefer's thorne brand supplements for quality and they are available on amazon prime for the same retail price I would get them from her or the one local compounding pharmacy I found that carries them. (the pharmacy also carries NOW and kirkman - so I figured they must be decent brands too.)


eta: I was recently reading a study that the effects of stress/anxiety on the brain (synapse connections) are similar to depression.

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There was another thread recently looking for natural anxiety help for children. I'm on a kindle and don't know how to link...sorry. A search should bring up that thread.


I use Rescue Remedy spray that I buy at whole foods. Their website has info about kids.


eta: here's the other thread: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?p=4470167

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We went to his ped on Thursday for a different reason. (sinus issues and ear infection) She won't prescribe anything for anxiety, refers to his psych on that. However, I am not sure that I even want to go that route at this time. Has anyone ever used passion flower. When researching natural anxiety treatments, I came across that several times. Just wondering if anyone has used it with success?


Also, I did just start reading the book that his psych recommended. - Anxiety Free Kids. I am only on the 1st chapter, but I do really like it. Hoping to begin it with him this week.

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