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Workload ?

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I know all kids are different, but my kids act like I'm over-working them something awful. I would just like your opinion as to whether this would be too much for your kiddos (4th and 6th grade).


Grammar-page from Scott Foresman-approximately 10 questions and I print it so there is no copying sentences involved.

Spelling-pretest and copy missed words 5 times then do 4 exercises that have to do with dividing words into syllables and making plurals (20 words).

Math-Saxon Lesson 51, all of Lesson Practice and only even problems of Mixed Practice

Science-Apologia Astronomy read p. 78-81

History-read MOH1 Lesson 13

Religion-memorize the First 2 Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary and read corresponding Bible verses

Geography-country study on Belize-read p. 13-59 of a library book that is an overview of the country (approximately 3rd-5th grade reading level IMO)


The science, history and geography will be discussed while driving around tonight doing various errands/activities. Religion, we just go over frequently and then well work on saying those Mysteries of the Rosary.


Then the girls are expected to spend some portion of time before bed doing some free reading.


So, am I execting too much? This is our first year, so I'm unsure as to what we should be doing. I do know that if the girls actually get busy and work instead of whining and getting distracted by every. little. thing, they are able to do the work in about 4 hours (minus the free reading). Instead, with the whine factor added, we are looking at 6-7 hours. :(

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This is not too much. We are working 5-7 hours a day on 5th grade. Just make out a list and stick to it. They will figure out that they are missing out on free time by not working diligently. It looks like closer to 3-4 hours of work that you have listed. We also use Apologia for science and do it daily. I find that reading 3-4 pages a day is easier than large chunks twice a week.

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The differences between kids are so huge that it's impossible to say whether it's too much for your kids, but that wouldn't be too much for mine.


It might have more to do with the presentation than the actual amount of work. Are you doing any of this with them or is it all independent work? Are you giving them a list of assignments for the day or checking in with them often?

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It wouldn't be too much time spent working for my dd10, but it would be too much reading for her, if she were expected to read it all on her own. She doesn't really digest things if she's only reading and so we've reduced the book-based learning we're doing. It means it's more time-intensive for me, but she's certainly getting more out of it. Of course, now my next goal is to get her to the point where she can read something and extract something meaningful out of it! It's all a balance.


Examples of what we've changed:



  • science is now BFSU - more experiential and then we discuss, putting vocab to the observations. She usually makes a notebook page or somehow documents the experiment we did.
  • for history we're still working on the balance. At the recommendation of folks here I'm adding more focused memory work. The next few weeks we'll work on Egypt and I'm having her complete a lapbook for it. She likes the idea of searching for specific information and it helps her break text down when she does that.
  • added in WWS in hopes that it'll help her to have more targeted (and hopefully transferable) practice with outlining and finding the main idea.
  • she does do reading for 45 minutes each morning, sometimes assigned literature and sometimes of her own choosing. She also reads most nights for about 30 minutes and we're working on the habit of always carrying a book.


Good luck!

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The workload isn't too much for my 5th grader, but she would balk at the list. As independent work, it would be too dry.


FWIW, I work with my 5th grader for about 3 hours/day, and my 3rd grader about 1.5 hours/day. From my reading on the forums, 5th grade often still includes a lot of one-on-one time.

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