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Relaxed homeschoolers check-in!

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We spent yesterday "weeding" through all the resources we're using, and paring them down.


Ds11 did decide, on his own, to add in The Story of Science, with the Student Quest Guide, and will be studying for the National Mythology Exam. We dropped two of the language arts resources we had, and Math Mammoth, although he recently added in Zacarro's Challenge Math.


I've managed to structure our week now so that we have the basics daily - math, spelling, writing, reading - then history 1x weekly, science 2x weekly (BFSU with higher level topical books), geography 1x weekly, art/music studies 1x weekly (though he draws all the time). He'll also have scientific history 1x weekly, and will study the mythology at his own pace. I'm writing up weekly "assignment" sheets for him.


How is everyone else doing with relaxed homeschooling?

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I consider ourselves very relaxed compared to most here.


In the past 3 months Eldest has really improved his writing. Before Sept he rarely and I mean rarely ever wrote anything that wasn't copy work or numbers.


But we started spelling with a few words a day and two sentences dictated to him that contained only previous words he learnt how to spell. Since he was not naturally gifted in this area we started with basic words, "in", "cat"...


Today after spelling he wrote the following two sentences by himself


I have quite a nice life.

Life in the city is good.


And his attitude towards writing in wonderful. He now asks me to spell things during the day if he is writing something of his own.

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We are relaxed as in the kids design their own curriculum and we together on pacing......


They are both reading Jane Eyre for book club and we are doing a chapter of a week from Fellowship of the Rings and using LLFLOTR. Writing has been sporadic but they are doing some copywork, written narrations, etc. My daughter has always been a horrible speller and had poor grammar in her writing so she had a period of where she either had me check her Facebook posts before she posted or else I would correct them online. Suddenly her spelling and grammar improved tenfold!


They also took a class on the Hero's Journey.


Both are going through the math programs they picked out . DD is doing Kinetic Algebra 1 and LOF Algebra 1. DS finished the first 13 chapters of AOPS algebra and is taking a break and doing AOPS counting and probability.


They are immersed in learing Greek History and preparing for National Mythological Exam. They have read the Iliad and now reading The Odyssey. They are also reading Story of the Greeks.


They were immersed in the election for awhile -watch the debates, looked at varying viewpoints in the press, etc. They read a bout a chapter a week in an Uncle Eric Book (Liberal Conservative Confused) and one chapter of Thinking Toolbox and we discuss what they learn.


Science hasn't been too involved lately. My son does more than my DD. He is studying for Science Olympiad and has been doing some science related merit badges. Both are reading and doing the Quests for the Hakim series (The Aristotle book).


DS has been learning songs to play on guitar to play at next Scout campout. He has his FIrst Class now and is working on Star Scout.

He took a break from Jui Jitsu because it conflicted with fall baseball and has decided to continue the break until his friend moves out the the country next month so that he can spend as much time as possible with him.


DD is mostly immersed with dance and got accepted into Pointe. Her soccer team didn't do as well this fall as they did last year but she herself improved a great deal. She is also working on a silver project for Scouts and for some award in AHG Scouts. She has been working on several videos.


Both kids are volunteering as "interns" at the church twice a week.


There is also almost always some social outing going on......

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We're pretty relaxed too. The kids only have to do their math and LA daily (MCT and SM for T and Apples and Pears and Semple/MUS/2+2 is not 5 for G)and I make sure to have interesting history and science materials for them. I'm pretty happy that Trinqueta finally ASKED to learn Spanish as opposed to grumbling and avoiding it. We've been doing The Spanish Hour together in front of my computer with me typing Geezle and Trinqueta's answers. That seems to have taken the fear factor out of not getting every answer perfect. T's also been more invested in practicing her violin without a fuss as her orchestra concert is getting closer and the songs are getting easier for her. I'm pleased with both kids' progress this year.

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