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Which board games did you love as a kid?

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Clue and Life were my absolute favorites!


Mine too! We only had 1 or two board games when I was young (I *know*!!), but my best friend, who lived just across the street, has an entire closet full. I'd spend the night there and her parents would play games with us well into the night.

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When younger, as in less than 18 favorites games were:


Gestures. Get fun memories about this game.


Castle Risk.


We also played Scotland yard. But I'm to young to remember any of the details of the game.


We also played some geography game with hexagon pieces that you used to build the world. I don't remember the name of the game or how it worked. But it was cool. I wonder if my parents still have it.


My Dad and I played Connect 4 often. My Mom and I played Checkers.

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My university roommate introduced me to Rack-o.


I don't know if it is retro, but when I tried to find it a few years back for my own kids I wasn't able to find it anywhere. I didn't think to look on eBay ... great idea! I can't remember how to play it, I just know it was fun LOL.


As kids we played a lot of backgammon; we still do. Probably doesn't count as a board game, but my kids love it and it's a great take-anywhere game.

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Masterpiece - it had paintings you bid on with random "worth" connected to them. So you start out with x amount of cash at the beginning of the game, and the winner has paintings worth the greatest amount. Sort of like LIFE but with art. Loved that game!


We just played Masterpiece this past summer at my mom's. It was fun!

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Go To the Head of the Class. It was full of trivia, and I was good at that sort of thing. :D


I remember playing this one with one of my aunts back when my sister and I were fairly young. It was good for learning trivia (or seeing how much you knew). My sister loved it. She was older than me, so had an advantage.

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Stay Alive ("I'm the sole survivor!") -- the neighbor kid had this; my parents wouldn't buy it for us. :glare:




Candy Land

Mystery Date -- a friend had this and we played every time my family visited hers.

Perfection -- I used to cheat to beat the timer! ;)

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