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What's your favorite fast food place?

What is your favorite fast food place?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite fast food place?

    • Burger King
    • Wendy's
    • McDonald's
    • Taco Bell
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken
    • Other - state where

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Holy cow, I forgot about Braum's. Unreal good food. We always eat there when we go visit my dh's parents. They live in OK. That's the only place I've ever seen a Braum's besides towns that border OK in other states. I thought it was an Oklahoma chain. Plus their milk and dairy items that they sell are some of the best I've ever had.




I didn't mention Braums because I haven't lived by one in ages but I always go there when I go home.


I cannot eat ice cream I still go for the food.


The farm is in Tuttle Oklahoma and they only open stores within a 300 mile radius. They need another farm....towards me. :lol:

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When people ask me what I miss most from the US I sat Taco Bell and Target. Pretty much true--I can't say my mom. They just opened a Taco Bell in Manchester according to the website. I wonder if Target will come to the UK too???

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Culver's, Chipotle, or Panera's Depending on what I'm in the mood for.


Add Chick Fil A to this list and you've got me covered! :lol:


ETA: oh, I forgot White Castles! My grandmother took me as a child, and I try to go at least once when we're in KY. The food is terrible, but it brings back warm memories.

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Chick-Fil-A. Though they did mess up their brownies - they're mushier and don't have nuts on them anymore. :glare:


And I sidestep any controversy regarding any company's stance that I frequent.


I also like Backyard Burgers, but not really their fries. The cobblers are nice in the right flavors. But I always love the burgers!

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in my town we have a place called jo be's. it is SO delicious!! they close so early though (like at 2:00 or 3:00!). their hours stink, but i like it much better than the other 3 fast food restaurants in town, which are mcdonalds, burger king, and subway (i like subway too though).


in atlanta, i like zaxby's.

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We are GF (kids are GF, DH and I are 99% of the time) so we basically eat out at only two places, In-n-Out and a local taco place. Their Al Pastor is amazing!



Taco John's' date=' without a doubt. I love it. Unfortunately, there is not one within several states of me. Fortunately, I weigh less than I would if I lived near one. I grew up with one in Kansas. And when I go visit my parents I eat there a lot.


Close to us, I like Steak and Shake and Sonic. But they are nowhere near the league of Taco Johns.[/quote']

When we go to NE I eat Taco John's like crazy. I think I had it 6 times in the 3 weeks we were there this summer. :001_huh:

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It really depends on what kind of food I'm in the mood for.


For chicken, I like Chick-fil-a, Zaxby's, or Bojangles.


I like Five Guys for burgers.


We don't have a lot of fast food options for tacos, so I'll go with Taco Bell. (We do have Chipotle's and Moe's, but I don't consider those fast food).


For subs, I love Jersey Mike's.


I absolutely love Panera, but I don't think of that as fast food.

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