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+1 for homeschooling!

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As we were gearing up for grammar, we spotted action on the street in front of our house. Being the awesome homeschool mom that I am (ha ha--I'm really not), we ditched grammar for a mini field trip! We learned all about sewers and the maintenance involved. We got geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, materials, geography, public health, and probably other lessons. The guys were so sweet to the kids, and answered all their questions. The head guy brought out a map of the local sewer system and explained all about it. We even tied it in with ancient Greek history, as we found out that there is an Archimedes screw that pushes the concrete through the hose (we figured out that that was what it was, based on the description the guy gave us).


I love it. Well worth missing grammar for that. And so much more interesting than just reading about it in a book.





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what were they doing to the sewer?


(dh is an engineer working for water department)


They were coating the inside with a new layer of concrete. The inside was a combination of brick and concrete, and this manhole had gotten flagged for needing an upgrade.


The guy who appeared to be in charge gave ds a little piece of the concrete to keep. You can see the little ceramic (we think) fibers in it.

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