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Lesson Learned - Electricity Outage


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Two nights ago our electricity went out for a little while in the evening. Luckily we knew exactly where our flashlights were and we had enough candles to light in our main living area. Unfortunately the candles were scented and we had six different scents at once. :ack2:


Note to self - buy unscented candles to be used in the event of an electrical outage.

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After digging through the drawer in the dark for ten minutes looking for the small boxes of matches I had a brillant idea for the next time.


I only had about two Yankee style jar candles. (The rest were actually hanukkah candles.) The jar candles sat on a shelf being decorative in the guest bath. I could easily find the shelf and candle in the dark, so I dropped a small box of matches into the candle jar itself. Once that one is lit, it is so much easier to locate more candles, flashlights, but most importantly, MORE MATCHES! LOL! You couldn't see the matches in the jar so it was still all decorative, and boy was it so much easier the next time power went out.

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