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What are your favorite watercolors?

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For a young child, or an adult/older teen class?


For kid, I would go with Prang. $5

For an adult in a pan, a good basic Widsor/Newton or Grumbacher set. $20ish depending on the color count


If you want liquid, I would need to think about it more.

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I like Windsor-Newton's student brand ---I can't think of the name, but they'll be right there with the Windsor Newton paints. They probably have a set of them. Even with a whole class using them, it would take a long time to use them up if you are the one that doles out the paint. Just a tad will do on each palette. I just cover mine and re-wet the next time I use the paint and it works well.

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For myself I buy different brands depending on the colors I am using. For instance, Winsor Newton for Burnt Umber and blues, Grahm for greens and yellows, DaVinci for pinks and reds. Tubes are by far the most economical way to purchase water colors but the buy in can be a real shocker. I wish I was there, I have some great starter projects. I would give you some paint to start with. You might look at the website, That Artist Woman for fun ideas for your class.

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