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EM Daily Science vs. Evan Moor Read and Understand Science

Lots of boys

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I posted earlier that we are using EM DS a few grades ahead. Well, we're doing the same for EM DG. They're both fine, IMO, in that they fill the need for science and geography to get done, at lower grade levels at least. That is, my middle daughter is doing these until her ability allows her to switch to more writing/reading intense curricula like Mr. Q and EM 7 Continents.

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I've been wondering the same thing.


Also, has anyone used Daily Georgraphy? Wondering how it compares to Beginning Georgaphy for K-2. Would we be repeating a lot to start with Grade 1?


I had intended to do the Beginning Geography with my oldest son over the summer, but ended up just going directly to Daily Geography 3rd grade in the fall for him.


I will be using Beginning Geography with my youngest son when he gets to a place where he can use it and understand it well.


I think all Geography is repeating things because there's only so much you can learn about maps. However I do think EM keeps it age/grade appropriate, so an older child will have more indepth information of the same kinds of maps and geography

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