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And now I'm losing my mind - asthma moms, more help please?

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So all day they've been back and forth with whether she's good enough to go home or not.


Because she sounds clear no matter what. But she's coughing like she does when it's bad, she says she feels tight, and she is right at the top of her red zone.


Her stats are good - 99 while awake.


So everyone is treating me like I'm a worried idiot. What do I do here? Just go home knowing I can give every 2 or 3 hour treatments there or fight to stay here where I don't want to be and they think I'm nuts.


Am I nuts? I'm not. I know her. Sigh. :banghead:

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If she's proven to be a reliable reporter of her condition, then it sounds like you could go either way with it. The hospital provides an element of safety but she may rest better at home. Either way you'll be awake!


Mt flare-ups were usually related to colds or allergies and sometimes cough syrup with codeine would help the cough enough for me to get some rest.

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I think it could go either way as well. I have been in your situation and it is totally frustrating. One time at the ER, I had to DEMAND that they not send my daughter home. She hadn't been treated and she was really struggling. I am usually pretty mild mannered so my husband totally freaked out. I'm sorry you are going through this. It is frustrating when medical personnel don't understand what your child is going through. I hope she feels better soon.





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THis is a bit late but if she is just barely out of the RED zone WITH treatments in the hospital, I would not be heading home quite yet.


Are they starting steroids? Any antibiotics (if there is infection)? I would rather hold a bit there and see how she does, esp. if she falls asleep. I know my dd always drops sats when she sleeps.


Last time we were in ER they kept my dd until she was in the green zone after treatments.

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So she's in yellow zone? (IS there a yellow zone?)

I've forgotten, to be honest.


My son never stayed overnight for asthma, but we did go to the ER several times (not as severe as your dc). IIRC, we were sent home once stats were above 98 or so and stable for 3 or 4 hours. I don't think he was ever admitted.


I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. :grouphug:

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My ds is seeing a pulm. ped. and he told me that even when his asthma seems fine - no visible symptoms, sounds clean, etc...even when his large passage ways are clean, his small passage ways are really bad. We are in the middle of figuring this out...adjusting meds & testing, testing testing every few weeks.



I would absolutely take your dd seriously, and ask about further testing. Meanwhile, I'd give the breathing treatments several times per day per Dr. orders in a flare up until she's not coughing and not feeling tight.

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