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Science like Sonlight science, but slightly better??


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So we are using Sonlight Science B this year. Overall, we like it. Topics are good for Day 1-3, and I'm liking the worksheets. I like that they vary with cut-n-paste, match, mutiple choice, and writing out answers. I like that they very much match what we studied that day.


But I HATE Day 4 and Day 5. Nothing to do with Day1-3, and nothing to do with each other. We've been on Magnets for 10 weeks, and experiments are kinda lame, and at this point, are no longer done (at least until we get out of magnet section)


So what else is out there, that had a 4-5 Day schedule that stays on that same subject for at least a week, maybe two, depending on the topic, mapped out, exact pages to cover, discussion questions, and worksheets that vary from day to day AND fun experiments at least once a week.


Here's what I've used over the past nine years and already know it probably WON'T work for the two DS I'm working with:


-Elementary Apologia.....love the books, used several with older DS, but frannkly it's tooo much reading for my younger DS, as it would be me doing the reading, and even split up, it's 2-3 pages a day to get through a chapter in two weeks. And we are not lapbook kinda people....too much cut-n-paste with no purpose for us. Not a fan overall of the notebooks that come with the Apologia program.


-Elemental Science: I've used Chemistry and Biology with older DS back in the day. It got a bit monotonous. And the worksheet is a simple cut out, glue, write a definition. Every day. Do again. And some days the whole conversation point and experiments were lame.


-R.E.A.L. Science: Used this many years ago, when DS14 was about 1st grade....I just remember it using a Usborne Encyclopedia, which I hated but have grown to hate them less, remember it being very experiment heavy and thus we ended up petering out about half-way through. Maybe I should reconsider now???


-Mr. Q's....don't want to print it...I know he sells the books now...just not interested though.


I know I don't want anything that is text-book heavy, like Abeka, or CLE, etc. Overall, I'm liking the set up of Sonlight Day 1-3...just wishing that stupid Day 4 and 5 were better.


Soooo, ideas?

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