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Keeping track of things. This means you, Lori D.!

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How do you keep track of things? Do you have a master file? Do you write everything down? I am interested in how to keep track of various information -- from medical information to what books you've read to anything else?


Lori D is a particular object of fascination, as she is an amazing repository of information.

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Isn't she? I'm always recommending books off the top of my head and Lori clearly has some awesome, amazing master list that she cuts and pastes. Lori, you could publish it as a book in and of itself, I'll bet. :D


The recommend things off the top of my head method pretty much represents how I organize all my information in complete disorganization style in way too many places. So beyond sharing your amazement at Lori, I have no useful information to contribute to this.

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I have one of those double wide file cabinets which has two drawers. There are many hanging file folders in there. I start at the beginning and keep the files in alpha order. For instance close to the front I might have AAA for my triple A membership. Half way in might be a folder that says, "Lab results" for any medical lab results I am keeping. In the "P" area might be a folder that has info about property taxes.


You could at least do something like this until you find another system that works for you.

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I have one notebook that I added tabs to - School, Books, Movies, Shopping.


I use this to add notes to when I want to keep track of things I want to investigate for school, books I want to check out, movies I want to see, items I might want to buy.


Once I lost the notebook and was heartbroken.

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Bumping on up because I'm :bigear: too!


Personally I need all my notes to be digital in some way, so I use lots of Google Doc spreadsheets and such. I also installed Evernote on all my pcs, ipads and such a few years back, maybe I should look into it again.


I wonder if there's something like an online notebook system? I love the look, feel and layout of a simple notebook system--tabs and lined paper, etc. But I really need it to be something I can carry with me at all times, and that = my phone. I struggle with this all the time, and have tried various digital, low-tech, and hybrid systems to create it. So far, I haven't come up with a winner.


Who's a software developer here? I think there's a market niche screaming to be filled!

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