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I saw Whooping Cranes for the first time!!!!

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My dh and our son were going backpacking along the Alabama trail that is an extension of the Appalachian trail. My older dd was visiting a friend. So only the youngest and I were left at home. Since we had gone to a birding festival in early October, both of us were really eager to go birding again. I found a local birding group on the internet and it has no membership dues or anything. They just publish field trips and you show up. So they had a field trip for this morning at the nearby Wildlife Refuge and they warned that it was still early for the large flocks of migratory water fowl to arrive but that we may still see shore birds that hadn;t migrated south yet. I was expecting to see ducks and Sandhill Cranes, nothing really new for me at all. At our first stop, a observation tower, there were some of them. They are much, much bigger than Sandhill Cranes and are so white.


On the internet later today, I found out that people are still killing them. Considering they are so, so rare, it really makes you mad. They are just killed because they are beautiful.


Jennifer, some of the things we have a relatively poor bird watchers are several binoculars, and last year, my dh gave me a birding scope for my birthday. We also have a good camera and have a telephoto lens but nothing like many of the birders do. We haven't downloaded any app with bird calls like some of the people have. They then play something like a screech owl and try to get the other perching birds to come out to defend their territory. We do have lots of bird books but those we have acquired slowly over the years.

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