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Here's one can you name you elementary school, teachers and principal?

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Dillard Elementary School - Dillard, Oregon

Principal Mr. Klein


1-Mrs. Day

2-Miss Toeder

3-Mrs. Spurgeon

4-Mrs. Adams

5-Mr. Towne

6-Mr. Duey

7-Mr. Clark

8-Mrs. Lay


Then on to Douglas High School and beyond. Graduated Marylhurst University near Portland, Oregon 20 years after high school graduation.

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K-Ms. Sheldon

1st- Ms.Morgan, this was the year we went on the field trip to the Air and Space Museum and one group got lost. The principal, Mr. Van something or another had to drive his car into DC to find them as the buses had to get back to make the high school run. This was before cell phones, so paging them over the intercom was the only recourse. The teacher stayed at the museum, while the rest of us went back to school.

2nd-Ms. Wakefield, but I switched to Ms. Zinn for Reading and Ms. Phillips for Math

3rd- Mr. Willon, who wore a bow-tie and drove a VW Van, but switched to Mr. Bernstein for Math and Reading

4th- Ms. Heiss, who switched to fifth grade the next year, I had reading with her, and did a special study for math with a group of fifth graders with Ms. Levene

5th-Mr. Ortega, but I switched to Ms. Goodier's class for reading (where we simply read and discussed the classics) and Ms. Heiss for math, where I did independent study


I changed schools between 2nd and 3rd grades, as we moved about 8 miles to a bigger house. The new principal was Mr. Morningstar.

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I went to three different elementary schools (K-2;3-6;6-7)


Fleet Road Elementary (Columbus, OH)

K- Mrs. Brick

1- Mrs. Schneider

2- Mrs. Franke


Forest Park Elementary (Kenosha, WI)

3- Mrs. Bohatta

4- Mrs. Nye

5- Mr. Halpern

6- Mr. Doherty


Altavista Elementary (Altavista, VA)

7- Mrs. Summerlin


I can't remember the principal's names, though.



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No, I've forgotten the name of my Gr. 5 teacher. I went to 4 elementary schools, though, and have also forgotten the name of the school in Vallejo. However, if we were to define elementary school the way they do around here (K-4) I can. But my home town was so small back then that if I did, it would also give away my maiden name to anyone from that place and time, and that's TMI!!! Guess I'm a bit like PairieAir on that one.

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Mogadore, Ohio - can't remember the school - outside of Akron


Kindergarten - Mrs. Ritzman (she wouldn't let me button, zip, and tie on the demonstration board on the same day. I just wanted to get all that silly stuff out of the way!)


First Grade - Mrs. Zufall

Second Grade - Mrs. Carter ? not as sure

Third Grade - Mrs. Dockus


Manchester, CT - Keeney Street Elementary


Fourth Grade - Mrs. Sadie

Fifth Grade - (I can picture her - but can't remember)

Sixth Grade - Mr. Norman - I never went out for recess that year. He let me and my friend Kathleen stay inside and organize his library. All. Year. Long. And I loved it!! Scary!!!


Very funny - my music teacher was Mrs. Torns - and years, later, my husband did a teacher-inservice training for the Manchester school system and she was in the class - and remembered me! Very, very funny -


Thanks for spurring a trip down memory lane!

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Wheeler Elementary; Speedway, IN


K -- Mrs. Gilbert

1 -- Mrs. Tincher

2 -- Mrs. Henzie

3 -- Mrs. Lawrence

4 -- Mrs. Blaser (who got pg halfway through the year so our student teacher, Miss Gray, finished)

5 -- Mrs. Thompson

6 -- Mr. Hooper


My principal was Miss Allen.


I had no trouble remembering this. So, why do I sometimes have difficulty remembering what I plan to fix for dinner? :rolleyes:


That was fun. Thanks!



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I can name:


Elementary: Lomie G. Heard (Las Vegas), Pine Grove (Valdosta), Lakewood(St. Pete)

Middle: Bay Point

High: Lakewood High, Boca Ceiga (Both St. Pete)


In elementary: Mrs Cuddles was my piano teacher(Pine Grove)

In Middle: Mr. Day was my geo/history teacher (had a huge port wine stain, that's how I remember him), Mrs. Marshiek was not only MY PE teacher, but my mother's when she taught at the high school.

In High school: Most of my teachers also taught both my mom and dad: Mrs. Figueroa taught spanish, and I had a math and english teacher whose names I can't remember. But then I had Mr. Cartisano who was another english teacher and Mrs Palmer, english--both of whom I adored.


I do remember Mr. LeBoss and Mrs. Patenaud though--Dean of Boys and Girls. Wonder why? :)

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I will try....


I cannot remember k-2nd grade. I lived with my dad then, I am sure I must have gone to school, but I cannot remember anything. I met my mother at the end of 2nd grade (I definately remember that) and during the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade we lived in lawyer's offices and courtrooms and she won. I remember almost everything after Mom got custody of me. (The brain is a weird organ isn't it, the way it chooses what to keep and what to forget to protect us maybe?)



3rd grade---Aurora, ILL, can't recall the school name or principal, but my teacher was Mrs. Tuer. I loved her, absolutely loved her.


4th grade---Lake Road Elementary in Poplar Bluff, MO, Mrs. Schweitzer. She was prone to play favorites and she used a lot of public humiliation to handle students. She made fun of my handwriting (it is bad, but still) and made me very self-conscious.


5th grade---Lake Road Elementary in Poplar Bluff, MO, Mrs. Hammonds. She was the perfect "old school" type of teacher. She was incredibly dedicated, firm, very high standards, always kind, always fair, always completely engaged. Do they make them like her anymore?


6th---Kinion Elementary, Poplar Bluff, MO, Mrs. (oops, it will come to me later). Another "old school" type of teacher. See the description of Mrs. Hammonds above EXCEPT add the following, she would close the blinds on the last day of school before Christmas and the last day of school before Easter and read the Bible to us. She would also rebel against the "new" policies of our school district that disallowed class parties. She had some "learning something or other" title for parties, a code word of sorts. We had parties galore. We had a monthly birthday party, we partied for every holiday, we partied when we met academic goals. We partied and partied and partied. I loved her and as soon as I lay down tonight her name is going to pop into my head!


Then I went to Poplar Bluff Junior High and then Poplar Bluff Sr. High where all love of learning was destroyed, not to be restored until 1990, when I looked at my little guy, I looked at the state of education in Tennessee at the time, I looked at the tuition costs for the good private schools, and I realized that God would strengthen me if I would just obey and keep the little guy home.

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Harding Elementary (Pgh, PA)

K - I forget, but she was mean. She yelled at me for reading on the first day and I don't think I spoke again all year. She also paddled poor Bobby Little for being bad on the bus nearly every morning.

1 - Miss Ayers -

2 - Mrs. Fleischmann - mean - she made me wear gum on my nose for a whole day once when she caught me chewing gum. I also was punished for getting lost while taking a note to another teacher.


_____Elementary (the name escapes me)

3 - Mrs. Tiramacco - I was mortified because she and my mom (both OLD - young 30's) had braces and immediately became friends

4 - Miss Knez - she was really pretty and nice

5 - Mrs. Reynolds - she was kind of mean but really funny

6 - no clue


Jr high - nothing except that I went to Mellon Jr. High


High School - Mt. Lebanon HS (Pgh, PA)

Mr. Mannion - neighbor and French teacher

Mr. ??? - social studies - he was the perfect stereotype of everything bad about the late 70's - blech


High School - Columbian HS (Maplewood, NJ)

Mr. Kline - AP History - hands down the best teacher I ever had

Mrs. Wolff - AP Physcis - she was awesome and so much fun

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Laurel Bay Elementary, Beaufort, SC -- no recollection of principal

K -- Mrs. Galbraith

1 -- Mrs. Adams


Eagle Heights Elementary, Azle, TX

1 -- Mrs. Simmons

2 -- Mrs. Ballard


Flour Bluff Elementary, Corpus Christi TX

3 -- Mrs. Drake

4 -- Mrs. Smith


Flour Bluff Intermediate, Corpus Christi TX -- Mr. Polzin, principal

5 -- Mrs. Smith

6 -- Ms. Gregg (the first person I knew who insisted on the "Ms." title)


Jesus Saviour School, Newport RI -- Miss Staciakewicz, or something like that, principal

7 -- Miss Silveira


Kailua Church Christian School, Kailua HI - Mrs. Shurance, principal

8 -- Miss Brown


High schools were Kailua Church Christian School (Kailua, HI -- 9), Hawaii Baptist Academy (Honolulu, HI -- 10), Monterey High School (Monterey, CA -- 11), and Izmir American High School (Izmir, Turkey -- 12).

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K - some wierd lady whose name started with a "K" - Mary C. Williams in Wilmington, NC


1 - Mrs. Jones at the same school, then someone else at Hyde Park Elementary in Hyde Park, OH


2 - elementary school in Madeira, OH


3 - Boyd E. Smith Elementary, ???


4 - Same school and a male teacher, then switched back to Mary C. Williams in Wilmington with Mrs. Stokes


5 - can't remember the school (in Wilmington, NC), but it was Mrs. Raegan


6 - Landmark Christian Academy near Cincinnati, OH - Mrs. Rawlings (incidently, she passed away last year and I heard about it through an email from the evangelist guy from Liberty University?)


After that it's confusing - I started 7th grade at Walnut Hills High in Cincinnati, OH, transferred to Silver Sands Middle School in Daytona Beach, FL, then back to Walnut Hills. Eighth grade was at Githens in Durham, NC. Ninth grade was Jordan High School in Durham then Chapel Hill High in Chapel Hill, NC. I started 10th at Riverside High in Durham, NC then changed to Northwood in Pittsboro, NC. I went BACK to Jordan in Durham for 11th, but lasted less than a month.


I am a high school drop out! LOL But I do have BS in Psychology and part of a MBA...:D


ETA: I don't have a CLUE who the principals were!

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York Elementary, Jamestown, Tennessee


Principals changed. Mr. Upchurch and Mr. Jack ______. Can't recall which was first.


Teachers? Miss Erna Whitlow, K and first. My mom pulled me to attend school with her during second and third grades (Sunbright, TN) and my teachers were the Starr sisters, twins, Bobbie and Billie. Came back to York for fourth grade and had a teacher who spoiled me and lavished me with attention: Miss Taylor. Next year, sour old Mrs. Delk burst my bubble. Miss Edith for sixth and her crazy sister, Miss Ella for eighth - but Wow! did they try to give us a good, rounded education with the little they had available to them, resource wise. My seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Hall, was absent almost the entire year due to her husband being in a very severe crash of an eighteen wheeler and almost dying. We had a never ending succession of non-memorable substitutes who taught us absolutely nothing all year long. Oh, and that reminds me, we had a third principal by that time, and I can see his face now, talking to us, but I can't recall his name, hmmmmmmm......


Wow, I can't believe I remember all of that because I am really OLD, LOL.....



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Northwestern Elementary (and Jr. High and Senior High)


Elementary Principal: Mr. Mahan (1-6 gr.)

K. Mrs. Dowling

1- Mrs. Rumple and Mrs. Rich (she retired at the end of the year and is still living; wonderful godly lady)

2. Mrs. Jobst and Mrs. Reynolds (then she was on medical leave and we had Mrs. Prograis)

3. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Prograis

4. Mr. Pearson (It's fun when you later teach a graduate class and have your teacher as a student.) and Mrs. Kelley

5. Mrs. Cordes and Mrs. Thorndike

6. Mrs. Sexton and Mr. Jackson

Art. Mrs. Bone Music. Mrs. Curry Band (4-6) Mr. Fleming


Junior High:

Reading/English 7: Mrs. Hayes, Social Studies: Mr. Mahan (previously principal) Science: Mr. Waters but everyone called him Coach

Math: Mr. Bryan English 8: Mrs. Daley P.E. Mrs. Eyer Band: Mrs. Ninmer (7) Mrs. Mahan (8) Study Hall: 7 Mr. Griffith, 8 Mr. Waters


High School:

Band: Mrs. Mahan (9-12) P.E. Mrs. Eyer Science: Mr. Metcalf (9-12)

World History, U.S. History, Driver's Ed, and Psychology: Mr. Campbell (we called him plaid pants, but he also took my senior pictures and did my wedding photography) Geography: Mr. Mahan Health: Mr. Long English: Mrs. Daley (9) Mrs. Holloway (10-12) French: Mrs. Daley Math: Mr. Griffith (9-12) General business and typing: Mr. Pence Computer Applications: Mrs. Chandler (old Apple 2s) Study Hall: Mr. Woods (9); library volunteer (10-12) with Mrs. Chandler

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Carson Elementary: Teacher strike in K, so I had 3 mos at the beginning, 3 mos off, and 3 mos at the end. I have NO idea who she was.


1-Mrs. Hubbard & Mrs. Springmeyer Principal?????


Moved to Summit Elementary Principal, Mr. Storer

2 Ms. Walker

3 Mrs. Lee

4 Mrs. Heller

5 Mr. Eads

Music Mrs. Waddell

Gym Mr. Hopkins

Art Mrs. Rhodes


Anderson Middle School Principal....I can see him but cannot remember his name...

6 Mrs. Trowbridge, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Jolley, SS? Ms. Whetzel (Chorus)

7 Mr. Flower, Mrs Johnson, SS? Ms. Whetzel Mrs. Hogue

8 Mr. Owings, Miss Adams, Mr. Pierce, LA? Ms Whetzel

Home Ec & Shop, Art Mrs. Flower & Mrs. Zando & Music varied.


High Shool: Principal: Mr. Harris and one other guy who was the disciplinarian...I cannot remember his name, either.


Mr Erdman, Mr Porter, Miss Stuart, Mrs. Straub, Ms. Heid, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Collins, Mr. Hebling, Mrs. (lady with a wig) Mr. (should have died YEARS ago) Mr. Seymour, Mrs. Bork, Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. McBride, Mr. Freeman, Mrs. Tobias, Mr. Rust, Mr. Godar, Mr. Philpot & I'm sure there's some I've forgotten. It was NOT a pleasant experience.

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I'm a little envious of all of you who only attended one elementary school. I attended five different schools K-5th.


Glenmont Elementary (OH)

K- Mrs. Lymon

1st - Mrs. Koontz

Winterset Elementary (OH)

2nd - ???

Kenwood Elementary (OH)

3rd - ???

Lynn Road Elementary (NC)

3rd -

4th - Mrs. Gregory and Mrs. Marshall

5th -

Washington Elementary (OH)

5th - Mrs. Cushman


I wouldn't have a clue what the principals' names were, except for the one at Glenmont Elementary. That was Mr. O'Brien. One of the reasons I homeschool is because I didn't want my kids to have to switch schools all the time like I did.

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Groveport Elementary, 1971-1977

K-Mrs. Smith

1-Mrs. Sedwick

2-Mrs. Martin

3-Mrs. Miller****(Best teacher in the history of teachers!)

4-Mrs. Weston

5-Mrs. Ostrander***(Close second to Mrs. Miller)


I know the music teacher was Mrs. Fougt for many of the years; have no idea about the art teachers.


Principals? I remember a Mr. Tussing and Mr. Stevenson (only because he had dated my aunt in high school), but I don't remember which years, and I know there were others.

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I went to elementary schools in the following places: Barksdale AFB, Louisiana (gr. 1), Ramstein AFB, Germany (gr. 1, 2, 3), Prattville, Alabama (gr. 4, 5) and Maxwell AFB, Alabama (gr. 6), and Montgomery, AL (gr. 7, 8).


In 1st grade, I took ballet. When I wanted to quit, my Mom let me because she had to turn left to get into the parking lot at ballet, and she was afraid to do that. She had just learned to drive and I was never overly graceful, so it worked out fine.


My 2nd grade teacher yelled at me for talking when she said we had to be quiet. I had dropped my pencil and whispered to person next to me to pick it up because I couldn't reach it. I thought it was terribly unfair. I was a Brownie and I loved wearing my brown uniform dress and beanie cap to school on meeting days. We had a Shetland Sheepdog named Silky, who we had to leave with my Grandma when we moved to Germany. He got stolen out of her yard, but my Mom told us at the time that someone had taken him to join the circus.


My 3rd grade teacher read aloud after lunch every day, alternating between Nancy Drew books and The Hardy Boys. I loved her for that. She liked our class so much she requested us for the next year and it was permitted, but we got transferred to Alabama. I said my first mean thing to someone else that year -- I told a boy he looked like a green bean. He must have been tall and thin, and I felt guilty about it for years.


Oddly, I only remember 3 things about 4th grade. The classrooms had wooden floors. The first day my sister and I came home on the bus, we couldn't remember where we lived, so we didn't get off and that caused a big brouhaha. But once we'd mastered the bus, the boys in the neighborhood would carry our books for us and walk us home -- they were such polite Southern boys. No one had backpacks back then, but boys were plentiful.


My 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Stewart (I was the teacher's pet). That year, I had a major operation and was in the hospital for 3 weeks and out of school for 6 weeks after that. Everyone in class sent me a present and I had one to open every day when I woke up in the hospital. I just loved that class and the kids in it. We had parties a lot and danced the jitterbug and the mashed potato and listened to a singing group called Herman's Hermits. That year, we got a wire-haired fox terrior named Merry Suzanne in Dixieland and I was impressed with her name, even though we called her Suzie.


My 6th grade teacher was Mrs. Logan (whom I disliked for telling me I had to sink or swim on my own in math -- like *I* would ever sink). She also made me write 50-100-150-200 times (it increased every time) "I will not talk in class". I got writer's cramp and her stock went even further down in my estimation. We had a pet robin who my mother had taught how to fly, but he wouldn't leave us (he started out as a baby with a broken wing). His name was Petey and he woke us all up singing at the crack of dawn every day. My best friend, Linda, who was to go to junior high with me, was killed in a car wreck right before 7th grade started. That ruined junior high for me, for sure.


I attended Floyd Junior High School in Montgomery in 7th and 8th grade. My biggest memory is that I hated it. Basically, I was used to the Air Force lifestyle and wasn't used to being around what we called "civilians", plus nothing was the same without my friend Linda.




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Portsmouth, Virginia; John Tyler Elem:

1. Miss Carnell

2. Mrs. Cuthrell (I have no idea if the names are spelled right, lol)


James Hurst Elem.

3. Mrs. Doughtry

4. Mrs. White


Norfolk, VA, Easton Place Elem.

5. Um....I had two teachers that year; the first one went on leave to have a baby, the second one and I didn't quite see eye to eye on things. I can see their faces, but I can't remember their names


I'll think of this one in a minute...in Corpus Christi...

6. Mrs. Tucker and Mr. Brown. Mrs. Tucker always wore a white or black eyelet dress with an aurora borealis pin.


Then there were 6 teachers at Sundeen Jr. High in 7th, 6 teachers in 8th at Norview Jr. High in Norfolk, moved near the end of the year to Blair Jr. High and 6 more teachers; 5 teachers at Maury High in 10th, then moved to Charleston, SC, for the last quarter of 10th and 6 more teachers; 1st semester of 11th in SC, then to San Diego for 2nd semester and 6 more teachers; finally, Lake Taylor High School for my senior year, 5 more teachers. I used to be able to remember all their names, but I think those brain cells have disappeared:D

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Center Point elementary school, Center Point, Iowa

1st grade Mrs. Schaeffer


Columbia Elementary, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Can't remember principal's name but I can still picture him

2nd grade Ms. Zullo - I loved her

3rd grade Mrs. Geiger

4th grade Mr. something or other - he was mean and I can picture him too

5th grade Mrs. Bugbee

6th grade was in Mt. Vernon Middle School and I had several teachers there

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1st and 2nd grade: Cochran Elementary School in Louisville Ky, (it's now a school for the arts). 1st: Mrs Miller; 2nd: Mrs. Hardin. Principal: Mr. Rushman (a very serious looking man)


3rd grade: Amos Elementary School, Arlington TX. Mrs Middleton was my main teacher (it was team taught). Principal was Mr. Hardy.


4th grade: Dunn Elementary School, Arlington Tx. Mrs. Chamberlin was my main teacdher (again, team teaching was the thing then). I can not recall the principal at all. I don't even remember if was a man or woman.


5th grade: Dunn Elementary, Mrs. Powell.


6th grade: Dunn Elementary, Mrs. Counts.

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I was in so many different schoos, I am afraid I am may forget some. I'll give it a try though -


K - (Greesnboro, NC) All I remember was being very jealous of the twins who wore their hair in pgitails. I would pinch them and push them down the slide. then when they cried I would comfort them and ask what was wrong. My teacher thought I was such a sweet comforting child.


1st Grade - (Greensboro, NC) Bessemer Elementary - Mrs. Broom - She was a dreadful teacher. Never did learn the children's names. Yelled often. When I finished all the readers in the school, they just had me sit in a corner and do them all again.


2nd Grade - (Greensboro, NC) St. Pius - Lots of nuns whose names I don't recall.


3rd - 5th - (Cary, NC) Farmington Woods - 3rd Mrs. Austin, 4th Mrs. "G" (Gustafson) - She started each day by having us stand on the desks and sing Karen carpenter's "Top of the World".

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Teachers only

Sherwood Elementary, Pensacola, FL

K - Mrs. Alderman put me in the corner constantly

1- Mrs. Williams- fond memories


Pine Forest Elementary, Jacksonville, FL

2- Mrs. Valmus- mean teacher


MenRiv Elementary, Goose Creek, SC

3- Mrs. Williams - yes another one, drove a Toyota Celica and I thought she was COOL, first favorite teacher

4 - ?


Marrington Middle, Goose Creek

5-8, block scheduling, various teachers and I do not remember my homeroom teachers b/c I didn't have them for any subjects


Goose Creek High, Goose Creek

9th- Mr. Pridgeon, the coolest history teacher I've ever know, only had 1 hand and was a bit like House. Only ate M&Ms and drank coffee...horrible teeth and breath.

10th- can't remember b/c we moved halfway through the year, I can see their faces but I can't remember names


Portsmouth High, Portsmouth RI

10th- Camille Frankel, journalism teacher (named my dd the same name), Mr. Marra, American History, no other teachers really existed in my world at the time.

11th- same as 10th but add...


Summerville High, Summerville, SC

11th-12th- I was just trying to survive being the "new" kid, no favorite teachers

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I was at the same school from 1st to 10th grade.There were 2 of us in my 10th grade class who had been there the whole 10 years. When I was in 10th grade, there were only about 200 students in the whole school. We always had the biggest class while I was there- about 30 students, although in 10th, there were only 10 of us, and only 2 girls. That was pretty icky, let me tell you. I *think* Mama Bear went to my school, too, a few years after me.


I think I can name them all, but I may get spelling wrong.

Kirkland Seventh Day Adventist School

Principal: Mark Alcott

1st: Louise Alcott

2nd: Mrs. Wade

3rd: Mrs. Davies

4th:Mrs. Dorothy Zollbrecht

5th: Mr. Mark Zollbrecht

6th: Helen Lester

7th: Mr. Doug White

8th: Mrs. Hainey

9th: Mark Alcott

10th: Mr. Howson

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K- Mrs. Steiner

1- Mrs. Lancaster

2- Mrs. Monroe

3- Mrs. Ward

4- Miss Menke

5- Mr. Enns/Mrs. Monroe (again... I still keep in touch with her!)

6- Mrs. Cleveland


7- Mr. Daly, Mr. Gage, Mrs. Moog, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Kady, Mr. Bromer, "Doc" (who was later fired for having lied about having her Ph. D! :eek:) Mr. Spurr (he was my super young cute band teacher)


8- Mr. Bromer, Mr. Gage, Mrs. Moog, Mr. Kady, Mr. Daly (basically all the same as grade 7) Mr. Leadbetter


9- Mr. Yovino, Mr. Gillette, Mr. Padgett, Miss Marla.... can't remember her last name!


10- Mr. Gillette, Mr. Yovino, Mr. Padgett, "Doc" again (still hadn't been found out to be a fake), Mr. Mark.... can't remember his last name either... Up until 10th grade I went to a private school and had some of the same teachers for several classes.


11- Mr. Dwyer, Mr. Lefevre (weirdest guy ever), Mr. Santa (can't remember his name but he had a white beard and was our English teacher), Mrs... Okay... I can't remember anyone else


12- Mr. Sutcliffe (worst teacher ever), Ms. Brondino (best English teacher ever), can't remember anyone else from that year either.... LOL Terrible isn't it?

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Washington Elementary, Belvidere, IL


K-Mrs. Walker

1-Miss Weaver

2-Mr. Moffett (his wife was later my bio lab partner in college)

3-Mrs. Gunderson

4-Mrs. Morton

5 & 6-Mr. Gray (later was my college professor!!)


principal...hmmm, don't remember


7th Mr. Pieper, DD was BFF

8th Mrs. Peiper, DD was BFF


9th LOVED Asst Principal, Mr. Hooker

10th Mr. Steinkamp (history)

11th Miss Groh (German)

12th Mr. Patrick (US Government)

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St. Clair Kindergarten - Principal Mrs. Wilson

K - Ms. Christie


Spring City Elementary - Principal Mr. Pemberton

1 - Mrs. Gibbs

2 - Mrs. Garrison

Ms. Hampton (Math... yes, we changed classes early)

3 - Mrs. Reid

Mrs. Perry (Reading)

Mrs. St. George (Math)

4 - Mr. Lynch

Mrs. Byrd (Reading)

Mrs. Fugate (Math)

5 - Mrs. Stephens

Mrs. Isaacs (Band)

6 - Mr. Story (Homeroom & History)

Mrs. Moffit (Spelling & English)

Mrs. Reed (Science)

Ms. Whittaker (P.E.)

Mrs. Isaacs (Band)

Mrs. Kerley (Reading & Math)

7 - Mr. McCord (Homeroom)

Mr. Reed (Science)

Mrs. Smith (History & Reading??)

Mrs. Byrd (Spelling & English)

Ms. Kettenbile (sp???) (Math)

Ms. Whittaker (P.E.)

Mr. Wright (Band)

8 - Mr. McCord (Homeroom)

Coach Somebody (Science)

Mrs. Ardelean (History & Reading??)

Mrs. Kerley (Spelling & English)

Mrs. Horton (Math)

Ms. Whittaker (P.E.)

Mr. Wright (Band)


Rhea County High School - Principal Mr. ?????

9 - English - Mrs. Weaver

Algebra - Ms. Swafford

Science - Mr. Wilkey

Band - Mr Sheddan

Typing - ?

American Government - ?

10- English - Ms. Finch

Geometry - Mrs.

Biology - Mrs. Guffey

Band - Mr Sheddan

P.E. - Coach Hammontree

World Geography - Mr. Farney

11- English - Mr. Rodgers

Spanish - Mrs. Ashworth

Chemistry - Mr. Smith

German - Mr. Vargas

Economics - Mrs.

U.S. History - Mr. Fisher

12- English - Mr. Austin

Spanish II - Mr. Vargas

Chemistry - Mr. Smith

German II - Mr. Vargas

Algebra II - Mr. Bowman

Ancient History - Mr. Fisher


... Now my brain hurts...

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Nevada City Elementary School in Nevada City, CA, Principal Mrs. Elsie Sharp


k-Mrs. Ellis, 1-Miss Norsworthy, 2-Mrs. Johnson,


Deer Creek Elementary School in Nevada City, CA, Principal Mr. Winning

3-Mrs. Overby and then Miss Hurley, 4-Miss Hurley again,


Seven Hills Intermediate in Nevada City, CA, Principal Mr. Gallagher

5-Mrs. Allison and 6-Mr. Mott


Wow! I remembered more than I thought I could....:)

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I'll play...


I went to Lake Worth High School.. we were the frogs. My principal was Mr. Craft.


1st- Mrs. Ray (yuck)

2nd- Mrs. Slider

3rd- Mrs. Robinson :)

4th- Mrs. Stule :mad: This lady was weird. We use to think that she would pick the many scabs on her face and eat them with her lunch!! Too Funny! This teacher was MEAN.. she would walk around and spank your hand with a ruler!!

5th-Mrs. White:D She was a wonderful teacher!!


We had middle school from 6th-8th and high school from 9-12.

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I don't remember the name of the principal at the school I went 1-4 at but remember it changed 3 times.


K was College Park (greendale WI)


1-4 was Canterbury (greendale WI, we moved just out of area for the other one)

1st was Mrs Kunz

2nd was Mrs Golumbeski

3rd was Mrs Graf (and my aunt was the teachers aide)

4th was Mrs Jacoby


then we moved to Muskego WI and I don't know the name of the 5th grade teacher but it was a weird year because there were a few too many kids for

4th and 5th grade so we were in what was called a Split class Half 4th grade half 5th grade.


Then it was on to Baylane middle school (Muskego WI)

6th was Mr. S that's all I remember because that's what we called him

7th and 8th we changed classes every period just like in high school and there's too many to remember


High school was Muskego HS


I remember Mr Baker who was my Geometry, Computer and Pre Calc teacher


That's about it because he was the only one that made class fun.


The weirdest thing for me is actually about dh. His highschool Biology teacher was none other than his dad. I told him there's no way I could have done that, just to weird for me.

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that my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kincaid was also my High School English Teacher. So I knew I couldn't get away with stuff. Didn't keep me from trying.

I do remember getting learning in 1st or 2nd grade that a word that I wrote was a "bad" word, can't write it here. I saw it somewhere, wrote it on the back of my paper and when asked if I wrote it, I answered yes. The teacher took me into the supply closet, told me to open my hand and swatted it.

Funny, when I look back at my Report Cards specifically, the teacher's comments, I don't remember being talkative, but apparently I was and this was a problem. My older sister said this probably was because I was the youngest from a loud family and that my voice was drowned out thus I made sure I was heard at school.

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Guest oceanclub

I believe I can

Elementary School

Principal: Mr. Wickersham

1st Grade: Mrs. Rebuck

2nd Grade: Mrs. Bolden

3rd Grade: Mrs. Murphy

4th Grade: Mrs. Tate


Middle School

Principal: Mr. Sanders

5th Grade: Mrs. Blanchard and Mrs. Breland

6th Grade: Mrs. Breland (sister in law of my 5th grade teacher), Mrs. Toppin, Mrs. Katz, Mrs. Stewart (she was arrested the following year for molesting a male student)


7th Grade: Mr. Eberle (grouchy old man in a wheelchair and he hated my guts), Mr. Betz, Mrs. Coon, Mrs. Rollins


8th Grade: Mr. Wiggins (could never understand a word that man said), Ms. Gaddy (everyone swore she was a lesbian), Ms. Highsmith, Mr. Broughton, Ms. O'Connor (very heavy smoker and coughed a lot in class)



High School

Principal: Mr. Fulmer


9th Grade:

Keyboarding: Mrs. Simmons (she hated white people, failed her class miserably as did 90% of the class. I think she just randomly assigned grades.


English: Mrs. Rogers (I loved her to death)


Science: Mrs. Alston


World Geography: Mrs. Summer (I actually had her twice. I also had in her 11th grade for US history)


Algebra 1: Mrs. Shull (had her twice too, I failed her the first year and retook the course with her the following year and made a B)


Public Speaking: Mr. Stoudenmire



10th Grade:


World History: Mrs. Tucker (easiest teacher I ever had)


Biology: Coach Stuart (hated this guy. He was the varsity football coach and he took late work from football players but not anybody else)


Journalism: Mrs. Hensley (this woman was a total airhead)


French: Mr. Lloyd (worst teacher I have ever ever had. I didnt learn anything from him. Lots of boring grammar lectures and very little actually speaking French)


Algebra 1: Mrs. Shull


English: Mrs. Schiable (older lady, looked like Mrs. Doubtfire)


Marine Science: Mr. Pitcher (easy A)


11th Grade


Psychology: Mrs. Mac, thats not her real name it was Mc something


Geometry: Mrs. Benton


Chemistry: Mrs. Onofrio (very hard, if not for the extra credit I got on the final exam, I would have failed her class)


US History: Mrs. Summer


Spanish: Mrs. Leonardi (I had a crush on her and I wish I started with Spanish instead of French)


English: Mrs. Davis (LOTS of reading)


12th Grade


Spanish 2: Mrs. Leonardi again


Algebra 2: Mrs. Anderegg (very hard, barely passed her class)


English: Mrs. Cumming (also very hard, lots and lots of projects and stupid assignments)


Government: Mr. Romein


Economics: Mrs. Tillman


Thats all....as you can see, I have an excellent memory

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Elementary School-I can name them all.


Shore Road Elementary School

Principal: Mr. Bruck


K-Miss Hawli

1st- Mrs. Balin

2nd - Mrs. Laverty (The teacher my mother blames for my lifetime of math struggles)

3rd - Mrs. Schienhorn & Miss Cuchi (It was the 70's. A year they experimented with dual classrooms. Wall knocked out between the classrooms-everything taught together)

4th- Mrs. Vogel (Lovely woman but to this day I can remember her digging her fingernail into my right cheek trying to make a matching dimple to my left cheek)

5th - Mr. Bobrowsky

6th- Mrs. Lubin

Art: Mrs. Bloom (It is driving me nuts that I can't remember her maiden name. It related to bloom because the big joke was that she got married and bloomed)

Music: Mrs. Seigel

Gym: There were 2 gym teachers but I can't remember their names.


Jr. High & High School I remember some of the teachers but not all of them.

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