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Another biology question -- trying to design a course with SAT-II's in mind

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I am weighing various options at this point. I know that I do not want an online course, but I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with --


1) Holt Bio, workbooks, and SAT-II prep books. Is that rigorous enough to do "well" on the SAT-II? (Any thoughts, Trillium?)


2) Singapore A-level bio + Cyber-Ed biology. (MaryM, have you done this? How did it work out?)


3) Campbell's Biology + study guide. I know that it would provide the strongest background, but I am a bit concerned -- my current 8th grader is not a great reader, and it is a THICK book. Has anyone used it with a very bright but non-honors 9th grader? (I really do not think that is the road to go...)

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Well, that SAT2 was more difficult than my ds expected having done the AP....but maybe it was a function of choosing the Molecular rather than the Ecology version.


Yes, we kinds did Singapore but we really only used it to browse through because it wouldn't prep for the AP. We did Miller and Levine, Thinkwell and some of the Campbell. The Thinkwell lectures are excellent, truly! If you can just buy the cds used, it's worth it! For what it is worth, Kolbe Academy (kolbe.org) has some excellent course plans and tests for Miller and Levine.


If I can answer anything in particular, let me know!



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MaryM --Can you please tell me more about Thinkwell? It costs $239 for the whole thing, so I would love to hear some of the pro's and con's of it before I think about buying it!


Gwen, they just raised their prices significantly and that is outrageous. I was only suggesting buying the cds without the online testing component etc. These are often available at Ebay for around $25.


The pros are the lectures by George Wolfe - excellent. The cons would be that price just to access the online quizzes/problems and tests!


Feel free to email me privately with any other questions, if you'd like!



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