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Gastroenteritis and desperate for pain relief. Any ideas?

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No suggestions, just a lot of :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:


If you drink any kind of soda, stir it first to get the fizz out of it, or you may end up making yourself feel even worse.


I second Jean's recommendation of a heating pad.


I know how horrible you're feeling, and I hope it goes away soon. :(

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It hurts, bad. I had it several years ago, and had an ER trip as well. And the stuff they make you drink for the CAT scan makes it all much worse... I do remember that all you can eat or drink is clear liquids, and I ate enough jello to sink a ship.... It took 2-3 weeks to get over it. Don't be tempted to eat or drink something you shouldn't, you will pay dearly for it. Food progression was jello, broth, when "d" was over, moved up to crackers, toast. After a few days you will get used to less food, better than the alternative.


Get well soon!

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Could it possibly be ulcers? When I had a large ulcer, it felt like that and they sent me home from the ER after CT scan showed nothing, ultrasound, labs fine, etc. But they did put in a consult for GI, and they did an endoscopy and found an ulcer that way.


I will say that once the ulcer started hurting it didn't go away, though. I'm not sure if that's everyone's experience with ulcers.


:grouphug: I so hope you feel better soon.

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I am a little late it chiming in, but this sounds exactly like what my 19 yo is complaining of. She already had bloodwork, and a barium upper/lower GI series that showed nothing other then acid reflux(we already knew that).


GI Dr scheduled her for endoscopy which is being done today. In the meantime they upped her dose of prilosec from 20mg 1x a day to 20 mg 2x a day, and she is feeling slighly better.


If she has an ulcer, it could take a while to heal.I heard 6-8 weeks, and if caused by H. Pylori, antibiotics, pepto bismol and prilosec for at least that amount of time. The only way to correctly DX H. Pylori is through endoscopy.


We are hoping to get some answers today.


I hope you are feeling better.

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