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Am I being an unreasonable parent? 9 year party at a hotel

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I remember that post! In fact, when I read this, I was thinking it sounded familiar. Has that been two years ago?? Wow....I would have guessed one at the most. Time is going by too, too fast. :glare:


So funny....I cannot tell you what I had for lunch today, but I remember the hotel party thread a couple of years ago.

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I wouldn't be completely amazed. I've often thought it would be fun to have a birthday party at a hotel with a great pool. Inside pool in the winter.


But no way would I allow my kids to do an overnight if I didn't know the parents -- and I'd been asked at the last minute. That's nuts.


And, yeah, they're too young for Vampire Diaries.


The longer I'm at this parent thing, the more I see how very, very different parents can be.


I just returned from Victoria's Secret and one couple had their two little girl (maybe 6 and 7) running around the store. I don't know. . . I don't think exposing little kids to hyper sexy model pictures is a great idea. I don't take my boys near or into the store because I don't want them seeing women depicted that way either. But someone will knock me for that.


I think you did the right thing -- and I've missed seeing your posts.



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How do hotel parties work as far as maximum people per room? I know several families with more than 2 children who regularly run into trouble with booking hotel rooms because of maximum guests in a room.


I don't know about other hotels, but the hotel where my dd's 10yo party was at had a birthday package - 1 night in a 2 room suite, 5 waterpark passes, and pizza and pop for under $150. Only people who rented a room were allowed into the little waterpark. This hotel was clearly marketing their waterpark hotel for birthday parties, and they didn't care that I have 7 people in our suite overight.


We go to the Waterpark of America in Minneapolis every year, and they always have birthday party groups there too. That waterpark would make me nervous, but it would be a blast.

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I guess what I meant was I have no problem, generally speaking, with sleepovers... I was unclear in my thought process. My problem is with the other issues which I laid out.


Thanks for the clarification -- I was confused about what you meant. :001_smile:

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So, the party was last night. Yes, every girl from her class had been invited on Monday, save PPG. Last night when I dropped her off, the mom said, "So-and-so carried the invitation around in her backpack for a week." That is the same explanation that the girl told PPG on Friday. I am choosing to accept this explanation, and trying hard not to read anything further into it.


I picked PPG up at the funplex at 9:00 pm (which is an hour and a half past her bedtime, BTW. She was very, very tired. She protested mildly about going home, probably because she was tired, it was so loud, and she was playing alone. I suspect that the complaints will occur tomorrow when the girls start talking about the sleepover portion at recess.


Thanks for all of your comments. I know I made the correct decision, and would still make the same decision.

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